The Bay Area has the best of everything—stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities and neighborhoods, bountiful farms, and a diversity of cultural and economic opportunities. The challenge is how the region handles growth. We have a choice—to create wonderful cities and towns or to sprawl ever outward.

Greenbelt Alliance is the champion of the places that make the Bay Area special. We ensure the right development happens in the right places. We work to protect the region’s open spaces and make sure cities grow in a way that creates great neighborhoods for everyone. Continue reading


Greenbelt Alliance was founded in 1958 in the living room of Dorothy Erskine—bringing together leaders and professors from UC Berkeley.



Vision for the Bay Area

Greenbelt Alliance envisions a Bay Area where the natural and agricultural lands that provide so much to our region are protected and nurtured and where everyone—regardless of socio-economic status—can live in a neighborhood they are proud to call home.


Annual Reports

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2013 Annual Report


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2013 Tax Statements


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