Greenbelt Alliance envisions a Bay Area where the natural and agricultural lands that provide so much to our region are protected and nurtured and where everyone—regardless of socio-economic status—can live in a neighborhood they are proud to call home. The Bay Area has the best of everything—stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities and neighborhoods, bountiful farms, and a diversity of cultural and economic opportunities. The challenge is how the region handles growth. We have a choice—to create wonderful cities and towns or to sprawl ever outward.


Greenbelt Alliance is the champion of the places that make the Bay Area special. We ensure the right development happens in the right places. We work to protect the region’s open spaces and make sure cities grow in a way that creates great neighborhoods for everyone.

Grow Smart Bay Area Goals

Greenbelt Alliance has three goals for the region to become more climate-friendly, affordable, and economically competitive, while protecting our farms, forests, and watersheds. By 2035, we call for:

  • Fully protecting the Bay Area’s 3.6 million-acre greenbelt;
  • Directing all new development into already urbanized areas;
  • and accomplishing our goals in a way that benefits all Bay Area residents.

Making our region great for everyone
Greenbelt Alliance is the champion of the places that make the Bay Area special. We defend the Bay Area’s natural and agricultural landscape from development—the hills that offer stunning views, the valleys and streams that provide clean water, the farms and ranches that give us fresh, local food. We help create great cities and neighborhoods—healthy places where people can walk and bike, communities with parks and shops, transportation options, and homes that are affordable. Together these amazing places drive the Bay Area’s economic vitality and quality of life.

At Greenbelt Alliance we believe in collaboration. We bring together residents and decision-makers, business leaders, labor unions and others to find innovative solutions to our region’s growth challenges. We work both regionally and locally, blending expertise with on-the-ground action to help people explore our great region, make their neighborhoods thrive and save treasured landscapes from sprawl.

The places that make the Bay Area special are incredibly diverse, which is why Greenbelt Alliance’s work takes many forms, from saving farms in Santa Clara County and wildlife habitat in Sonoma County to revitalizing commercial strips in Silicon Valley and Oakland. For more than 50 years, we have succeeded in helping to shape the amazing places of the Bay Area.


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