Renew Voter-Approved UGB in Novato

The city of Novato, California is on track to renew its Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) before it expires at the end of 2017. With three SMART stations underway and Mt. Burdell rising on the edge of town, renewing the city’s UGB is critical. Greenbelt Alliance is now coordinating with local partners and the Novato City Council to develop and pass a renewal measure in November’s election. We need your help to ensure this happens.

12 Comments on “Renew Voter-Approved UGB in Novato

  1. I support the renew of UGB before it expires, we my family enjoy to walk Mt. Burdell minimum two times a week all year around.
    I ask your help to ensure this happens.

    Nazario C. and a big family.

  2. Thanks for bringing this important renewal to my attention. We need to preserve the open space that is left around our little town so that the idyllic existence we enjoy today can continue for decades to come.

  3. Our precious green belt is a natural oxygen generator, essential for counteracting the cumulative effects of carbon emissions on climate change.
    We are at the tipping point. There is no turning back. Save it NOW.

  4. I absolutely want the green belt to be extended, forever! It is what makes Novato unique and beautiful. Allowing development on our hills will have far-reaching effects and none of them are good!

  5. I moved to Novato a year and a half ago from Oakland. I never noticed how sweet and fresh the air is here in Novato until I returned to Oakland to visit. I could immediately smell chemicals in the air. Funny that I never noticed it while I lived there, but I certainly do now. Glad to be living here in Novato!

  6. Thank you for posting this. I signed and I hope many folks will also. Our open space is a huge plus in Marin and we need to preserve it.

  7. We just moved to Novato BECAUSE of its rich environment and community. We appreciate everything that the green belt has to offer and it must be saved.

  8. Renewing our green belt is very important. I grew up in the east bay where the hills were already developed decades ago. While housing was provided in that process, it also resulted in congestion, fire danger (remember the east bay hills fire- my sister and best friend were evacuated on those narrow winding roads) and loss of green belt that is essential for a healthy, balanced region. There are two sides to every issue but if we don’t renew, then it will likely lead to irreversible development. I am more in favor of building housing in available lots within Novato rather than let the UBG expire, even though I know it can be challenging.

  9. Some of our elected officials are not always working for us, and can get caught up in the political agenda. It is important to keep a vigilant eye on them. If we start to loose some of our open space land today, what are we going to loose tomorrow?

  10. Let us do this, and let us also figured out how to replace mansions with affordable housing at the same time so that we won’t be the target very justified criticism. I am looking at you, Santa Maria and Vinyard. We cannot make this about protecting views for the wealthy, which is exactly what it will look like unless we get far ahead of the affordable housing advocates calling Marin obstructionist for very good reason…

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