Vibrant Concord

Collaboration paid off in Concord — and now that Contra Costa city has a world-class future in the works.

On January 24, 2012 the Concord City Council approved a visionary plan for the inland portion of the shuttered Concord Naval Weapons Station, a 5,100 acre site adjacent to the North Concord BART station.

The adopted blueprint emphasizes walkable neighborhoods with homes that people can afford near transit and services, with decent paying local construction jobs. Moreover it does so while designating nearly 70 percent of the area — 3,500 acres or three Golden Gate Parks — as protected open space.

As members of the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord, Greenbelt Alliance worked toward this vision for nearly six years. The coalition stepped in when it was clear initial plans for the site were heading in the wrong direction – toward business-as-usual sprawl. Working together, we built broad support for a vision of protected open space and a 21st century neighborhood that will remake a corner of Concord and send positive ripple effects throughout the Bay Area.

Now we’re working with the City of Concord to make sure the implementation of the visionary plan stays on track so that we can watch its best features come to life.  We’re also working to revitalize the existing communities in Concord so residents can live close to where they work and have the benefit of safe, walkable neighborhoods.

Vibrant Concord News

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014     

Downtown Concord plan is a mixed bag

On June 24, the City of Concord adopted the Downtown Specific Plan, which will direct short- and long-term development in downtown Concord. While the plan contains many features that could generate exciting new opportunities, it also has some glaring omissions. Continue reading

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Thursday, March 6th, 2014     

The plan for downtown Concord

Concord is poised to achieve great changes for its communities. The Downtown Specific Plan, which the City is currently developing, presents an opportunity to create a unique downtown that has new homes, more jobs, thriving businesses, and safer streets. Continue reading

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Thursday, January 16th, 2014     

Strong support for a sustainable Concord

The City of Concord has unveiled initial strategies for revitalizing its downtown at the second in a series of community workshops on the forthcoming Downtown Specific Plan. We were excited to see strong community support for affordable homes and safer streets. Continue reading

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