Walkable Walnut Creek

Walkable Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is one of those special Bay Area communities that is rich in appeal and opportunities. Nestled in the heart of Central Contra Costa County, it has a walkable downtown with thriving shops, strong schools, an active civic life, easy access to two BART stations, and stunning natural vistas just a few steps away.

Because of these amenities, Walnut Creek is a great place to call home, particularly for young professionals, families, and seniors. Yet with Bay Area housing prices still among the least affordable in the nation, this desirable location remains out of reach for far too many. And even a sought-after city like Walnut Creek still has vast parking lots, struggling strip malls, and streets that are unsafe for walking or biking, all of which could benefit from a better vision.

Fortunately, the city is embarking on some exciting new endeavors in order to build a brighter future for its residents. We’re most excited about their West Downtown visioning efforts.


West Downtown Plan

The City has launched an exciting two-year planning process to create a long-term vision for “West Downtown,” an area stretching south from the BART station for three quarters of a mile to Olympic Boulevard, bounded by Highway 680 on the west and California Boulevard on the east. This is a great opportunity to increase the vitality of this corner of town, by providing more people of all income levels the option of living in a convenient neighborhood where once can walk or bike to local amenities, while also having the option to take public transit for more daily trips. And if done right, this initiative will have a positive impact beyond West Downtown; taking pressure off local roads and the city’s surrounding open spaces.

Greenbelt Alliance is working closely with the community to help enhance the quality of life for residents both new and old, by charting out a brighter future for this area.


What you can do

Walkable Walnut Creek News

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