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Greenbelt Mapper Webinar

Posted by Sara Barz
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Have you ever wondered why a certain piece of land has never been developed, or perhaps who is planning on building on it? Or what lands are necessary for clean drinking water, local food, or wildlife? Perhaps you’d like to know a city’s plan for developing beyond its urban footprint?

Well now the new Greenbelt Mapper provides a comprehensive evaluation of the Bay Area’s open spaces surrounding its cities. Showcasing the results of the At Risk 2012 research, the mapper has recently been updated to allow users greater accessibility to this information — for both the novice mapper inquiring about a piece of land as well as the experienced GIS user wanting to download the data for his or her own analysis.

Join Policy Researcher Adam Garcia for a webinar on October 3 at 1 p.m. to answer questions on the Greenbelt Mapper. Learn about the Greenbelt Mapper and give us your feedback on the new tool.


Outing Leader

Adam Garcia

Adam brings a diverse background rooted in environmental and city planning to the Greenbelt Alliance team. His background allows him to lead cutting-edge research initiatives, public policy analysis, and mapping services. As a devoted hiker and bicyclist, he knows what is at stake to ensure the Bay Area continues to be the best place to enjoy both the great outdoors and the local communities. He brings experience learning from and helping develop sustainable communities in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the UC System, Costa Rica, Kenya, Havana, Bogotá, and Oaxaca. Adam is committed to learning from the world’s best practices for the rest of his days, as well as a car-free lifestyle that suits him well. As T.S. Elliot said, “In my beginning is my end.”
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