How well do you know your greenbelt?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 by Adam Garcia
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Riding through the Coyote Valley in south San Jose gives you the opportunity to view the working farms and ranches that cover the valley. It’s a familiar sight to many Bay Area residents, but just how well do you know this landscape and others like it? What are our  cities’ plans for these lands? Where is the best soil for farming or the most suitable wildlife crossings? What will come of these natural landscapes over the next 20 years?

Getting the answer to these questions for the open spaces surrounding our Bay Area’s cities has just gotten a whole lot easier. We’ve just released a new suite of tools to better analyze these diverse landscapes. The interactive map, the Greenbelt Mapper, now features two new tools that will help planners, land trusts, and open space districts as well as advocates get to know the development pressures, protection measures, and inherent values of our lands better than ever before.

PDF Creator

Is there a particular area you’d like to showcase to a friend, committee or a potential buyer interested in protecting the land? After selecting from the numerous layers and drawing a shape around the selected area, you can now produce a PDF report that lists the size of the different values. Check it out!

Data Download

Are you interested in doing your own GIS analysis with the layers? After selecting the layers you’d like to explore, simply select Data Download to acquire those shapefiles. Check it out!


How did we compile all this information? A new document explaining individual layer’s source and creation as well as the At Risk model can be found on the Methodology page.


Would you like to know more about how to use the Greenbelt Mapper, or questions about the At Risk research? Sign up for a Fall webinar or request a presentation on how to use this information in your own land conservation efforts.

Visit the Greenbelt Mapper and let us know how you use tool for your open space planning endeavors. Enjoy!


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