Homes for All Initiative

The Bay Area is among the nation’s most desirable places to live and work. And our region’s population is expected to grow significantly in the near future as our economic sectors add much-needed new jobs. Which means that demand for housing is likely to continue to outpace supply, unless we increase the Bay Area’s housing supply and meet housing needs for residents of diverse income levels.

Greenbelt Alliance promotes housing solutions that meet the needs of the Bay Area’s residents. We make it easier for people to live in the neighborhood of their choice by increasing the supply of quality and affordable homes near jobs and transportation hubs. By building political will among decision-makers and opinion leaders, we advance better housing options within the Bay Area’s existing cities and towns. Housing done right is good for our communities and our economy.

We’ll achieve it by:

  • Identifying and implementing solutions to increase housing production within the Bay Area’s existing cities and towns;
  • Building political will within Greenbelt Alliance’s focus cities and among regional decision-makers and opinion leaders to address the “housing perception gap”.

We’ll know we’ve achieved it when:

  • More subsidized affordable housing is available to meet the needs of low-income residents, thanks to increased funding and improved policies;
  • More homes are affordable to low- and middle-income residents, thanks to improved policies and increased public and political will;
  • More existing residents in neighborhoods where new development occurs have the opportunity to stay in their homes as property values increase due to policies and financial supports.

Homes for All Initiative News

Thursday, March 27th, 2014     

Our 2013 Annual Report

Greenbelt Alliance is the Bay Area’s leading organization at taking a regional vision for how the Bay Area should grow and applying it locally. In 2013, we made great progress toward achieving that vision with some big wins. Read about them in our annual report. Continue reading

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2014     

Vacaville’s disastrous plan

What will Vacaville look like in 20 years? The City is currently updating its General Plan, which is the blueprint for how the city will grow over the next two decades. Unfortunately, Vacaville’s proposed plan envisions the worst kind of sprawl development. Continue reading

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2014     

Grow SMART Rohnert Park

Rohnert Park is currently in the process of planning for the neighborhood around its Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Station. The City has an opportunity to create a thriving neighborhood that is an attractive and pleasant place to live, work, and play. Continue reading

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