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Many of us live in the Bay Area because of its great neighborhoods. We love the combination of lively streets, active parks, great food, and diversity of residents. Yet, we need more choices—new stores, better transportation options, bike lanes, libraries, and local restaurants—to enjoy living in the places we love. And we need to make sure that improvements don’t ignore existing residents.

Greenbelt Alliance concentrates on key geographic areas to ensure that plans, policies, and developments come together in the right way to create thriving neighborhoods. We encourage cities and counties to adopt blueprints that serve as a foundation for thriving communities. We then bring these visionary plans to life by encouraging construction of homes, parks, bike lanes, and other features to help neighborhoods flourish. We also advocate for increased funding to support critical infrastructure such as utilities, water pipes, transportation, and urban parks. Most importantly, we build coalitions of active, enthusiastic community members who rally around changes that make a positive difference in our neighborhoods. We help those same folks speak up to stop changes that take our communities backward.

We’ll achieve it by:

  • Creating visionary, complete plans for Bay Area cities and neighborhoods, through our efforts to influence strategic, selected land-use plans in key areas informed by a wide-range of stakeholders engaged in planning processes;
  • Ensuring visionary plans become reality as we encourage adoption of specific policies and act as a watchdog to ensure plans are fully upheld;
  • Supporting developments that help the region make progress toward a future consistent with Greenbelt Alliance’s vision.

We’ll know we’ve achieved it when:

  • More Bay Area neighborhoods are “complete neighborhoods” with a mix of homes, jobs, shops, parks, schools, and other services that meet the needs of new and existing residents;
  • Neighborhood development respects and enhances the area’s cultural and historic traditions;
  • Neighborhood development is designed to improve the health of new and existing residents;
  • More land-use and related decision-making processes authentically engage a diverse range of residents—especially those who are typically under-engaged

Homes and Neighborhoods News

Friday, October 17th, 2014     

Show Your Support for a SMART Rohnert Park

Greenbelt Alliance has been working with local partners to ensure the neighborhood plan for the area around the future Central Rohnert Park Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Station creates a vibrant downtown. Continue reading

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Friday, October 17th, 2014     

Santa Rosa Receives $8.2M Grant for Pedestrian Crossing

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has awarded the City of Santa Rosa an $8.2 million grant to make the Jennings Avenue rail crossing safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Continue reading

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014     

Before Urban Villages Were Cool

A resident of Willow Glen in San Jose since 1979, Larry has been advocating for walkable, bikeable neighborhoods long before it was the popular sentiment it is today. San Jose is finally catching up with plans for 70 urban villages peppered throughout the city. Continue reading

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