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Zoe Siegel

Zoe Siegel

Act Now to Oppose Tassajara Parks

Tassajara Parks is a proposed 125 single-family home development outside of the Urban Limit Line (ULL)—the boundary that marks the outer limit beyond which urban development will not be allowed —in the Tassajara Valley area of unincorporated Contra Costa County. Contra Costa County will have to amend its General Plan to allow for this development outside of the Urban Limit Line and we need your help to ensure this does not happen.

The city boundaries throughout Contra Costa County were created for a reason; we need to protect our open spaces and focus growth inside city limits.  An amendment to a city’s General Plan to allow development beyond these boundaries would have severe environmental and safety implications for generations to come. As illustrated by the recent fires, we already feel the effects of climate change on a regular basis. 

Protecting the urban limit line is a critical way to maintain fire boundaries and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In December 2016, the Board of Supervisors approved the Urban Limit Line Mid-Term Review which stated that the ULL analysis demonstrates that sufficient capacity exists countywide inside the ULL to accommodate housing and growth through 2036. What this means is that Contra Costa County has space to grow in a climate SMART way. So tell Contra Costa County not to move the Urban Limit Line, thereby risking the health of our communities and the resilience of our region.

Two things you can do right now:

First, send an email to Contra Costa County’s Planning Commissioners to tell them to vote No on the Tassajara Valley project at their next meeting. We’ve got the email ready for you below, so it’ll just take a few clicks to send. 

Second, sign this petition to show the County’s supervisors that you want them to reject the Tassajara Valley development proposal and respect the will of the county’s voters that the Urban Limit Line means “no development outside of the line”.

We must think about the health and safety of current and future residents. We need to build communities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our open spaces, and save our wildlife. We need to stop the Tassajara Valley project!

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