Amy Hartman

Amy Hartman

Add Your Name: Support the Creation of the Solano Park and Open Space District

Today, Solano is the only county in the nine-county Bay Area that does not have a park and open space district. But, together with local residents and organizations, we’re looking to change that.

Greenbelt Alliance is working closely with the County, each of the seven Solano cities, park district advocates, and residents to make the district a reality.

Parks and open spaces are vital to a high quality of life for people and their communities. Living near a park or having access to park and recreation facilities leads to more regular physical activity and better health outcomes.

People from all walks of life feel a greater sense of belonging, community, and connection when they have well-maintained parks and open space surrounding them. That is why it is so important to make this commitment to investing in the stewardship of our Solano parks for generations to come.

Solano County government is currently working on an administrative and finance plan that will serve as a “blueprint” laying out all the details of how a park and open space district would function and operate. This is a huge next step in the process of making the district a reality.

Greenbelt Alliance is looking forward to working together with our partners to take this issue to Solano voters. This will require a countywide campaign to approve the creation of a district and funding for the district. We’ll need all the help we can get!

Sign the petition now to lend your voice and help us bring a park and open space district to the people of Solano County! We’ll also send email updates on this campaign so you can stay on top of the issue as our work progresses.

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