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Advocate for Better Transit in Contra Costa County

Send a letter to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority Board!

While much of our region’s focus is on housing, transportation planning is also key to ensuring walkable, bikeable neighborhoods and quality commuting options. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is planning to place a new half-cent sales tax measure for transportation on the March 2020 ballot. This measure could raise $3 billion over 30 years, but your voice is needed to ensure that money is spent wisely. Where we decide to put our transportation dollars will impact how the Bay Area grows for the foreseeable future. Will the County prioritize highway expansion, or public transportation and bicycle infrastructure? Will we structure our transportation system around cars or people?

In 2016, Contra Costa County voters rejected a transportation sales tax measure because it didn’t align with their values. The CCTA is updating a draft transportation expenditure plan through the summer, which includes a percentage breakdown of how the money is spent. Contra Costa County residents have the opportunity to weigh in on this process by sending a letter to their representatives on the CCTA Board.

Join Greenbelt Alliance and our coalition of partners and community-based organizations to urge the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to commit to a bold, equitable expenditure plan with major investments in sustainable transportation options. You can read our platform here.

Ask the CCTA board to:

  1. Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and commit to no new GHG and VMT-inducing projects.
  2. Increase funding for public transportation.
  3. Commit to an outcomes-oriented approach with measurable performance targets, to ensure the measure results in the greatest public benefits for every dollar spent.
  4. Prioritize social equity and improve transportation options for all, especially those with the greatest transportation barriers, including youth, seniors, people of lower incomes, and people with disabilities.
  5. Commit to transparent public oversight and deep community engagement moving forward.

Contra Costa residents need sustainable and equitable investment in public transportation. The CCTA Board needs to know that you are paying attention to how they plan to spend your sales tax dollars. You can make a difference if you take action now before the CCTA votes on August 21, 2019. We also encourage you to share your priorities in this CCTA Survey.

Coalition members:

Make your voice heard! Click within the letter below to add your personal story about how improved transportation will impact your life.

For questions about the Transportation Expenditure Plan, contact us today. We’re here to help!

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One Comment on “Advocate for Better Transit in Contra Costa County

  1. I live close to Highway 4 in Martinez. Often when I cross a bridge over that route, by bicycle or on foot, I see what resembles a 22 mile long parking lot beneath the bridge. It stretches all the way to and through Antioch. Adding more lanes and so called improved interchanges has only seemed to make the problem worse. In spite of this most of our tax dollars continue to be spent on expanding our privately orientated automobile highway system rather than much needed public transit systems. It’s way past time to reverse our current policy and prioritize public transit ahead of facilities for private automobiles.

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