Concord Naval Weapons Station
Zoe Siegel

Zoe Siegel

Urge Concord to Choose Ethical, Climate-friendly Developer

For over a decade, Greenbelt Alliance has worked to protect 2,200 acres of the East Bay’s former Concord Naval Weapons Station—an area double the size of Golden Gate Park—while encouraging a long-planned 13,000-unit housing development called the Concord Reuse Project. What was promised to the people of Concord is that the development in this area will include climate-smart, transit-oriented development with 25% affordable housing, making a dramatic impact on our regional housing crisis. Next month, Concord’s City Council could decide who the Master Developer is for the Reuse Project and they are considering Albert Seeno, III, and his company, Discovery Builders. We cannot allow Seeno to be chosen for this process!

Why? Last year, Seeno sued the East Bay Park District claiming the new regional park will harm the environment, which makes no sense at all. His companies have also been found guilty of fraud and have pleaded guilty to wiping out the endangered California red-legged frog’s habitat. Seeno clearly does not have the environment or climate-smart development in mind. In a time when we must build for climate resilience and affordability, the City must choose a Master Developer who will build responsibly to address the housing and climate crises.

ACT NOW by sending the City Council your comment with just a few easy clicks below to tell them that you want them to select a trustworthy Master Developer through a transparent, public process. This means choosing a Master Developer that is a reliable partner to the City of Concord, East Bay Regional Park District, and other community stakeholders!

*Feel free to customize your comment by clicking into the box in the last step of the form below.

Information related to this issue was provided by our partners Save Mount Diablo.

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