Sonoma Solstice threatens greenbelt lands at the site of the old Buzzard's Gulch.

Defend Sonoma County’s Community Separators

In 2016, Sonoma County voted by 81% to protect community separators, the green spaces between our towns and cities. Now, a luxury resort with hundreds of events is proposed by an out-of-town developer in the community separator between Santa Rosa and Windsor. This oversized hideout for the 1% will put the community separators we voted to protect to the test!

Defend the Windsor-Larkfield-Santa Rosa Community Separator from this oversized development by signing our petition to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors—calling for their protection of these critical green buffers.

Sign below to say that you oppose a new luxury resort and event center in the community separator in the burned area of Larkfield-Wikiup. The site is just outside of Santa Rosa’s urban growth boundary, along Old Redwood Highway. It is the wrong project in the wrong place at the wrong time!  If allowed to proceed, the project should go to a vote of the people or be offset with new community separator lands of equal acreage per provisions in Measure K and the General Plan.

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Learn more about the threat to the Windsor-Larkfield-Santa Rosa Community Separator here.

16 Comments on “Defend Sonoma County’s Community Separators

  1. A big majority of voters sent a clear message about the importance and value of community separators. Please protect these green buffers in the Windsor-Larkfield-Santa Rosa area!

    • Exactly. The county and the supervisors need to keep their word to the voters!

  2. Will bring more low-paying tourist-serving jobs that will exacerbate the housing crisis

    Easy to give short-shrift, but at least as important as any other point. We oppose and will write letters.

  3. lets value community separators that protect the uniqueness of one community the next.

  4. Good grief, desist already. Voters have sent the message loud and clear that we strongly value our community separators.

    Just say no to this development. Ugh.

  5. These community separators are much more than a rural landscape break from urban sprawl, they are the important wildlife habitats which need our protection.

  6. Is this proposed project within Santa Rosa’s UGB, or outside of it, please?

    • The project is **outside** of Santa Rosa’s Urban Growth Boundary. (All of the community separators in Sonoma County are outside of the UGBs of the cities.)

      • Yes that is correct, outside the UGB but literally adjacent and right on the boundary in the community separator. So it violates multiple longstanding land use policies!

  7. I worked hard on the original Santa Rosa UGB ballot measure to prevent this kind of development from happening. I have a hard time fathoming that PRMD or any supervisor would support this.

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  9. How did this proposal get this far? PRMD should have already denied the permit application based on passage of Measure K — it’s a county ordinance. I think PRMD needs a complete overhaul; its staff must have paramours among developers with personal blackmail leverage, otherwise PRMD is simply incompetent or corrupt. NO development means NO.

  10. Exceptions to UGBs and County Separators are supposed to be overwhelmingly for projects of great value regionally.
    Is this a proposal for:
    A University campus?
    A Research facity that can’t be accommodated within our UGBs?

    No, it’s nothing of the sort. It is purely the standard entrepreneurial effort to build a profit-making event center.
    This deserves a big “NO Way” from County government.

  11. We already passed measure K . I don’t understand why were revisiting the topic.

  12. Since this is such a huge development, is there a likelihood that a new gas station or two might spring up nearby to serve it?

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