Fairfield California

Let Fairfield Residents Vote on Their Urban Limit Line

If you believe that voters should have control of Fairfield’s Urban Limit Line—the boundary that marks the outer limit beyond which urban development is not allowed—encourage the City Council to renew Measure L’s voter protections!

This Tuesday, July 21, Fairfield’s City Council will discuss whether or not to add a measure to the November ballot that will extend the voter protections for the Fairfield Urban Limit Line. Back in 2003, 60% of voters approved Measure L, which enacted a voter protected Urban Limit Line as the boundary that separates Fairfield from unincorporated Solano County.

City Council Meeting Details:

When: Tuesday, July 21 at 6 p.m.

Where: Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Building, 2490 Hilborn Road, Fairfield, CA 94534

Remote Meeting: www.youtube.com/user/FFCATV/live

Email Public Comments to: cityclerk@fairfield.ca.gov

These voter-approved boundaries are what protect Fairfield’s agricultural and open space lands while focusing on climate-smart, city-centered growth. Benefits of a voter-approved Urban Limit Line include:

  • Reducing suburban sprawl which increases auto travel, traffic, and climate emissions
  • Protecting the lands of farmers and ranchers
  • Providing a defensive barrier against wildfires
  • Maintaining the open space around Travis Preserve, north of the base, which prevents urban uses that jeopardize Travis’ mission

The Fairfield City Council now has the opportunity to maintain and extend this legacy by renewing the voter-approved Urban Limit Line before it expires in December 2020.

Without action, the Measure L voter protections are planned to expire at the end of this year. The City Council has agreed to discuss placing a renewal measure for the existing Urban Limit Line voter protections on the November 2020 ballot, giving you the power to decide Fairfield’s future growth and resilience.   

Here’s What You Can Do                      

  • With just a few clicks below, send an email to the Fairfield council members, telling them why the Urban Limit Line’s voter protections are important.
  • Virtually submit a public comment to cityclerk@fairfield.ca.gov before the council meeting on Tuesday.
  • Attend the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 21 to make a vocal, public comment.

We all know how important it is to conserve open spaces, support local agriculture, reduce our risks from wildfire, and decrease the city’s automobile-related greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on city-centered growth with an Urban Limit Line. Let the Fairfield City Council know you are waiting on them to vote YES to allow the people of Fairfield to decide on renewing the voter-protected Urban Limit Line. 

For questions about our work in Fairfield, please contact Solano County Regional Representative, Kevin Riley.

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