U-Pick orchards are emblematic of Brentwood's agricultural history

Add Your Name: Protect Brentwood’s Agricultural Heritage!

800 acres of active farmland outside the city’s urban limit line will be lost forever if we don’t come together to protect Brentwood’s agricultural history. Sign our petition to help us stop Developer Blackhawk Nunn Partners from building a sprawling, 2,400-unit subdivision.

The town’s ratio of jobs to homes is already badly out of balance; a whopping 88% of employed people in Brentwood leave the city each day for work. This proposal—on land in far East Contra Costa County—will only exacerbate traffic and greenhouse gas emissions in a town that has 0.4 jobs for each home. This farmland, like the city’s many U-Pick orchards is part of Brentwood’s agricultural heritage. We need to preserve it as a separator between Brentwood, Antioch, and future parkland owned by the East Bay Regional Park District.

For more ways to get involved, contact us today!

Photo: Yong Thye via Flickr

One Comment on “Add Your Name: Protect Brentwood’s Agricultural Heritage!

  1. Please do more campaigning put up more signs, add in the newspapers. I have only seen three small signs for No on L.
    They are campaigning hard, painting a pretty picture for something bad.

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