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Share the Love: Tell us your story

Throughout our 60-year history, Greenbelt Alliance has touched the lives of thousands of Bay Area people. If you have a great story about your experience with us, we can’t wait to hear it. Share the love below.

Excerpts from stories by our supporters:

Julie Dilley fought a sprawl proposal near her hometown in Asti with Greenbelt Alliance.
“When you’re out here, if you don’t have a neighborhood association that’s been around for 25 years, you feel like you’re on your own and it’s really difficult to figure things out. From my viewpoint, you gave us backbone and I am incredibly thankful—it made a huge difference.”

Larry Ames helped us shape an urban village neighborhood plan in San Jose.
“As a kid, I grew up in the suburbs and everything was ‘get in the car and drive five miles.’ I did not want to be dependent on my car here in San Jose. I’m going to all these [urban village] meetings to make it so the rest of the city has pleasant places to live, work, and enjoy life.”


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Learn more about our community and how they’ve made an impact around the region here.

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Whether you have a story to share or not, there are several ways to get involved with the work Greenbelt Alliance does to create a sustainable and inclusive Bay Area!

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