Stand Up for Climate-Smart Housing in Lafayette

Update: The Lafayette Planning Commission has decided to delay the vote on the Terraces of Lafayette project until their June 15th meeting.

After multiple delays, the City of Lafayette finally discussed the long-awaited Terraces of Lafayette development on May 18, 2020, which resulted in the Planning Commission delaying the vote until June 15. Over 20 hearings have taken place about this project and it all comes down to this one to decide if Lafayette is going to move forward with this project.

Are you passionate about solving the housing crisis and want to make your voice heard? Now is your chance to get involved without leaving your home.

How It Works

Plan ahead: Email your comments to no later than noon on June 15. Emails must contain in the subject line “Public Comment – Terraces of Lafayette 6/15.” Your email might be read out loud by someone else during the meeting.

Make it short and sweet and get to the point: Your comments will be read into the record by staff at their normal cadence for a time limit not to exceed 3 minutes. Read your comment out loud to see how long it takes to read it.

Make it personal: In your public comment, make sure to make a personal connection about why you care about the Terraces of Lafayette.

Learn more about the Terraces of Lafayette here.

Send Your Email Now

Email your comments to using the form below:

Why Support the Terraces of Lafayette

Here are some reasons why Greenbelt Alliance supports the Terraces of Lafayette project, and why we hope you’ll support it too: 

  • This is the kind of climate-smart development that we need in the Bay Area to meet our housing goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make sure that local residents are able to grow and thrive in their own communities as housing costs rise.
  • The Terraces will provide 315 homes with 20% allocated affordable for low-income residents. 
  • By building housing near jobs, schools, and transit, people will have more options to get where they want to go, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution caused by single occupancy vehicles.
  • This project will add housing for individuals and families at a range of income levels, providing opportunities for those who already work in Lafayette (including teachers, restaurant staff, and those who keep Lafayette safe and functional) to call this city their home.

If you believe that the Bay Area needs more homes that are affordable near public transit, services, and jobs, send an email to the Lafayette Planning Commission today!

For questions about the Terraces of Lafayette, contact Zoe Siegel, Director of Special Projects.

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