Kiyomi Honda Yamamoto

Kiyomi Honda Yamamoto

Stop Sprawl in Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley is 7,400 acres of greenbelt lands between San Jose and Morgan Hill. It is home to lush farmland and a vast open space preserve, providing an awe-inspiring landscape to explore.

For decades, Greenbelt Alliance and our partners have protected Coyote Valley from inappropriate development—from technology campuses to sprawling subdivisions. We need your help as sprawl proposals continue to threaten Coyote Valley.

Pledge your support to stop sprawl in Coyote Valley by signing this petition. Greenbelt Alliance and our partners are collecting signatures to demonstrate to decision-makers how many Bay Area residents love Coyote Valley and want to see it protected.

What’s At Stake In Coyote Valley

More Resources

Get our signature report, At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt, for more information about places across the Bay Area in danger of being lost to sprawl development.

Photo: David W Chang via Flickr

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