Stop Sprawl in Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley is 7,400 acres of greenbelt lands between San Jose and Morgan Hill. It is home to lush farmland and a vast open space preserve, providing an awe-inspiring landscape to explore.

For decades, Greenbelt Alliance and our partners have protected Coyote Valley from inappropriate development—from technology campuses to sprawling subdivisions. We need your help as sprawl proposals continue to threaten Coyote Valley.

Pledge your support to stop sprawl in Coyote Valley by signing this petition. Greenbelt Alliance and our partners are collecting signatures to demonstrate to decision-makers how many Bay Area residents love Coyote Valley and want to see it protected.

What’s At Stake In Coyote Valley

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Get our signature report, At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt, for more information about places across the Bay Area in danger of being lost to sprawl development.

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10 Comments on “Stop Sprawl in Coyote Valley

  1. I just hate seeing more and more urban sprawl occurring at the valley where the 2 mountain ranges meet, which is critical habitat (Santa Cruz Mountains and Disblo Range).

  2. Our cities need the vibrancy to function 24/7 life needs habitat to survive

  3. I came from So Cal, which is one big slab of concrete from the Santa Clarita Valley to about San Ysidro. So I’m a little sensitive to this issue! STOP this sprawl. Stop greedy developers.

  4. Our green belt and open spaces are what make this a special place to live. As a Climate Reality Leader, I stand for protecting vital habitat.

  5. It’s finally time for our San Jose City Council to take a stand against sprawl and preserve this last undeveloped area of the valley floor. Wildlife corridors, groundwater purity, local agriculture, and open space recreation are all at stake.

  6. I was there after the winter rains in 2017. Open fields became ponds and teemed with wildlife and migrating birds. I got a wonderful photograph of a burrowing owl on a post. I stood there watching him and he did not move, but winked with appreciation. When the sunshine broke through, delightful golden poppies bloomed. Everything was green, it smelled so very fresh and clean. It was rejuvenating and sublime. Why would anyone want to pave that over? We must learn to grow up and not out. The Europeans have been doing it for centuries and so can we. We can still grow and preserve or mother nature will take it all away from us.

  7. Our green belt and open spaces are what make this a special place to live.

  8. It’s so important to keep open space for wildlife habitat and for the environment in general.

  9. More SPRAWL, more TRAFFIC, more POLLUTION, more population growth — who needs it?

    Less naturalness, less wildlife, less agriculture, less recreation, less quality of life — who needs it?

    Developers and merchants obviously.

  10. Preserve Coyote Valley Open Space no matter what. We don’t want urban sprawl and destruction of Wildlife habitats. Plenty of space for needed/denser residential or business development North of Coyote Valley and further South and their is a main Railway passage that can be better utilized.

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