Support Las Juntas Way in Walnut Creek

At a time when so many Contra Costa County families are struggling to find affordable homes, Las Juntas Way will create healthy opportunities to live, work, and play in Walnut Creek.

Despite the great additions this community can bring to the fabric of Walnut Creek and the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village, Las Juntas Way is facing significant opposition. We urge residents who want the best development for their city to step forward and support these homes by contacting Mayor Carlston and the Walnut Creek City Council today.

Learn more about our endorsement of Las Juntas Way here.

Photo: © Zoe Meyers

2 Comments on “Support Las Juntas Way in Walnut Creek

  1. I lived on Las Juntas Way for seven years. A pathway through here would be a wonderful asset for walkers and bicyclists.

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