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Successful local farms and ranches provide fresh food and economic, social, and environmental benefits for the entire Bay Area. Yet, development continues to chip away at our agricultural lands. Since 1984, we’ve lost 217,000 acres of farm and ranch land to sprawl—that’s seven times the size of San Francisco! Today, there are 200,000 more acres of agricultural land at risk of being converted to development.

Greenbelt Alliance is working with local governments to protect our region’s agricultural land, while making farming and ranching more economically viable in the Bay Area. Our HomeGrown report explores creative tools and strategies that support local agriculture. We’re ensuring that these tools and strategies are put into place throughout the Bay Area, starting with Contra Costa County. You can read more about that work here.

While we work with local governments, we need your support.

You can use your online voice, your vote, and your buying power to support local farms and ranches.

Be an online advocate.

Share our HomeGrown report with your local officials and county staff via email and social media. Tell them you want to see local agriculture supported using the HomeGrown strategies that are right for your county.

Share the HomeGrown infographic to spread the word about threats to our local farms and ranches.

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Pledge your support for local farms and ranches.

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Buy local.

One of the best ways to support local agriculture is to buy locally-grown products. Check the labels on your food; opt for the cherries that are grown nearby, or the eggs from a local farm. Shop at your favorite farmer’s market or CSA. Plan a day trip to a local U-pick farm.

Not sure where to shop? Here are some resources:

Your patronage goes a long way in supporting local businesses and promoting the value of Bay Area farms and ranches. You can follow our favorite places and stories, as well as share your own, on Facebook and Twitter using #FarmFridays.

And of course, support Greenbelt Alliance.

While you are working hard to do your part, we’re advocating for rules and policies that protect agricultural land and help local farms and ranches be more economically viable. Your support makes our work possible. You can make a donation to our Farms and Ranches Forever initiative here.

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