Support More Homes Along Sunnyvale’s El Camino Real

In August, Sunnyvale’s City Council voted to accommodate 6,900 new homes along the corridor, reaching the first milestone of selecting their “preferred alternative” for El Camino Real. But the final plan won’t be passed until 2018. So residents must continue to show their support for adding new homes for people across the income spectrum to safeguard this victory and ensure that the final plan truly serves all of Sunnyvale.

Add your voice to the many Sunnyvale residents who want to see the right development happen in the right place. Sign on to our letter below to let Sunnyvale City Council know you support more homes along El Camino Real.


Photo: Taylor Hanigosky

One Comment on “Support More Homes Along Sunnyvale’s El Camino Real

  1. Sunnyvale and other cities cannot off load their required number affordable housing units (ELI, VLI, and MLI) onto San Jose as has been true in the past. All municipalities must build their share of affordable housing. At the least, each city should be creating the housing needed to housing the workers in the industries located within its boundaries.

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