Napa Timberhill Park
Teri Shore

Teri Shore

Take Action to Protect Napa Greenbelts

Whether you live or enjoy visiting the beautiful city of Napa, you can speak up for critical greenbelts! Join Greenbelt Alliance and our community partners in the next steps in seeking permanent protection for rural lands on the edge of town.

Send an email to Napa’s City Council to show your support for greenbelt designation for the Napa Oaks and Timberhill lands as recently recommended by Napa’s General Plan Advisory Committee.

The City Council will vote on October 20 to determine whether or not these lands should be zoned as Greenbelt as part of the General Plan Update process that will continue through next year. Zoning these areas as Greenbelt will prevent increased development of high-end and luxury development, which is not the kind of growth we need to address affordable housing needs.

We need to stand up for greenbelt areas like this—as well as climate-smart development—every step of the way. So send an email with just a few easy clicks today! And if you want to add a personal comment in the email, you can do so by clicking into the box where you see the email text. It’s always nice for City officials to hear your story and learn about why you care about Napa.

Photo: Melissa McMasters via Flickr

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