Our new white paper, Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection, shows how important it is for these lands to remain undeveloped.

Tell San Jose City Council to Protect Coyote Valley

Now is the time to stand together for Coyote Valley! On January 22, the San Jose City Council is bringing the future of Coyote Valley to a special study session where the council will consider public purchase of land with up to $50 million from Measure T bond funding. Greenbelt Alliance endorsed Measure T, an infrastructure bond that received overwhelming voter support last fall.

At that meeting, we need to let them know how important it is they use all that money to protect Coyote Valley. After decades of work, and especially the recent election successes, this is our best chance to permanently protect one of our region’s most threatened landscapes. Coyote Valley is essential to Santa Clara County’s water supply, a key buffer that can help mitigate flooding and other natural disasters, a vital agricultural area, and the last remaining wildlife corridor between the Santa Cruz and Diablo Mountain Ranges. We can’t miss this opportunity to preserve it for future generations.

Act now and demand that the San Jose City Council use all available funds to purchase and preserve land in North Coyote Valley!

Photo: Jill Clardy Via Flickr

3 Comments on “Tell San Jose City Council to Protect Coyote Valley

  1. Please protect this important area!

    We cannot let sprawl destroy this iconic land which is rich with wildlife and helps protect against climate change for generations to come.


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