Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: CityWalk Bishop Ranch Mixed-Use Master Plan

CityWalk Bishop Ranch

Greenbelt Alliance is pleased to endorse the proposed CityWalk Bishop Ranch Mixed-Use Master Plan in San Ramon, CA. We applaud their commitment to stormwater management best practices, developing drought-resistant parkland, and wetlands that will introduce qualities supportive of ecological diversity. The CityWalk Mixed-Use Master Plan will provide 4,500 units on 111 acres, alongside a 169-key hotel, and 170,000ft2 of creative office/retail use, with 15% of the units designated for low or very-low… Read More

Intruders on the Rocks

peregrine falcon

By Staci Hobbet The fastest animal on earth is a near-neighbor of yours, the peregrine falcon, a bird clocked at well over 200 miles per hour during its precipitous dives while hunting. Address? That’s easier to answer in reverse: Where doesn’t it live? Everywhere but Antarctica. Only fifty years ago, driven by the pesticide DDT, this death-defying speed demon was plummeting toward extinction, the death of an entire species.  Thanks to a… Read More

Climate & Wildfire Resiliency Update

Sonoma Climate and Wildfire Resiliency Update

As we face another dry winter and a long wildfire season ahead, Greenbelt Alliance is delving deeper into the ways that we can help our growing communities become more climate and wildfire resistant.  Greenbelt Alliance has been advocating for climate-healthy growth within existing cities and towns and the protection of our greenbelts for decades. We are now entering an era when the climate crisis makes this solution a matter of life and… Read More

Spring 2020 Priority Development Area Call for Letters of Interest

Submission Window Open Through May 31, 2020 As the Bay Area builds more housing to accommodate the updated RHNA numbers, Plan Bay Area is working to make sure this housing is prioritized in the right places. More than 70 city and county governments have voluntarily designated some 170 locations around the Bay Area as Priority Development Areas (PDAs).  PDAs are areas within existing communities and typically are accessible by one or more… Read More

Housing on the Way in the North Bay


Around the Bay Area, more homes are getting built every day. It will take time to fill the need for homes that everyone can afford, but there is relief on the horizon. Here in Sonoma County where I do most of my work in the North Bay, more than 18,000 new places to live are in the pipeline within existing cities and towns — not including the rebuild of 5,000 homes lost… Read More