Teri Shore

Teri Shore

Vote Yes on Measure W to Renew Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary for Another 20 Years

Voting Yes on Measure W in the City of Sonoma will renew the existing Urban Growth Boundary for another 20 years to protect open space, prevent sprawl, and encourage growth near jobs, schools, and shops. We call that climate SMART development

When it comes to affordable housing, Measure W contains stronger provisions requiring that any land added to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) be for 100 percent affordable housing. Right now, there is room to build more housing without expanding the UGB. 

Greenbelt Alliance is partnering with community leaders to pass Measure W. We have incredible support from more than 100 people so far who have endorsed Yes on W including Sonoma’s City Council, former mayors, and Council members, all City Planning Commissioners, and many others. Local environmental, affordable housing, climate, and labor groups are also officially on board. 

In particular, we are thrilled that Generation Housing has endorsed Yes on Measure W. This influential new housing advocacy group has an impressive board of directors representing Burbank Housing, MidPen Housing, Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County, and other housing experts. Check out the full list and add your name here.

If Measure W doesn’t pass, the Urban Growth Boundary can be modified by the vote of a simple majority on the City Council at any time, removing the voice of the voters when it comes to the city’s future growth. Not having an established UGB would also put huge development pressure on the city and trigger skyrocketing land prices that would make affordable housing almost impossible to build. By passing Measure W, Sonoma residents can still revise the UGB before the 20 years is up if needed with a vote of the people.

Voting Yes on Measure W is good for open space, climate, and affordable housing! Read more about Measure W and learn about the campaign here. Get the full ballot measure, impartial analysis, and arguments here.

For more information on how you can support the Yes on W – Citizens to Renew the City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary email RenewSonomaUGB@gmail.com and be sure to follow the campaign on Facebook today!

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