At Risk

Over six years, we cut the region’s land at risk of development by 20%. But in the hottest housing market in decades, are the Bay Area’s growth policies and plans still stopping sprawl? We have the answer.

Fixing the Foundation: Local Solutions for Infill Housing

This report identifies the top 10 barriers to infill housing across 12 Bay Area cities and provides local solutions for overcoming these barriers.

Public Benefit Bonus Policy Brief

This report addresses how public benefits bonus policies allow for specific incentives or bonuses to be granted to a developer in exchange for benefits or amenities for the community.

Complete Streets Audit and Community Engagement

This block-by-block audit of the West San Carlos Street and Bascom Avenue corridors in San Jose is a perfect case study for why complete streets are needed by communities.

Strategies for Fiscally Sustainable Infill Housing

To achieve the goal of more infill homes, a city must balance costs and revenues. This report with the Center for Community Innovation describes how cities can raise revenue from housing development.

Green Your City’s Blueprint

climate smart city plan

This toolkit provides local advocates with clear instructions to change a general plan to be more climate-friendly and outlines the tools needed to succeed.

Miles From Home

While Marin’s economy has shifted to retail and service sector jobs, it has not been matched by the creation of homes priced for moderate-wage workers.

North Redwood Boulevard

North Redwood Boulevard: Room for Residents and Retail makes the case for a strategic mix of housing and retail in Novato’s downtown.

Planning for Better Health

Read how smart land-use planning can foster healthy lifestyles with specific examples from San Jose and Santa Clara County.

Grow Smart Bay Area

Nimish Gogri via Flickr

By changing how the Bay Area grows, we can make our region more climate-friendly, affordable, and economically competitive—and protect the greenbelt.