White Paper: Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection

Our new white paper, Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection, shows how important it is for these lands to remain undeveloped.

Coyote Valley plays a crucial role in recharging the San Jose’s groundwater resources. It’s incredibly important to protect this piece of essential green infrastructure from potential contamination.

At Risk

Over six years, we cut the region’s land at risk of development by 20%. But in the hottest housing market in decades, are the Bay Area’s growth policies and plans still stopping sprawl? We have the answer.

At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt 2012

The definitive research on the state of the Bay Area’s open space, finds that more than 322,000 acres—10 times the size of San Francisco—remain at risk of development.

Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity

marc crumpler via flickr

Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity identifies Bay Area lands that provide vital public benefits—but are still unprotected.

Bay Area Smart Growth Scorecard

The Smart Growth Scorecard is a landmark assessment of the planning policies of all 101 cities and nine counties of the Bay Area.

At Risk 2006

In 2006, Greenbelt Alliance published the second edition of its landmark study on the state of the region’s landscapes and found that over 400,000 acres of greenbelt lands were still at risk.

Preventing Sprawl

photo by Daniel Hoherd via flickr

This report examines the past, present, and future of land use in Sonoma County with farmers and environmentalists working together.

Getting it Right

Coyote Valley

This report provides a template for smart growth not only around Coyote Valley, but also in other urbanizing areas throughout the Bay Area and across the nation.