Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt Sponsors

Greenbelt Alliance’s Hidden Heroes benefit is an opportunity to gather our community to celebrate our work and this incredible region. We are counting on you to help us raise $250,000 to educate, advocate, and collaborate to ensure the Bay Area’s lands and communities are resilient to a changing climate.

We hope you will consider sponsoring this special event and invite your friends and family to join you for a toast in support of a great cause. Learn more about the benefits you can access with each sponsorship level.

Please click the button below to sponsor our Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt event as an individual.

Please click the button below to sponsor our Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt event as a business.

Hidden Heroes

$ 25,000

Resilient Communities Sponsor

$ 15,000

Climate Advocacy

$ 10,000

Conservation Education Sponsor

$ 5,000

Natural Lands

$ 2,500

Thriving Neighborhood Sponsor

$ 1,000


Corporate Sponsors

Resilient Community Sponsors

Climate Advocacy Sponsors

Conservation Education Sponsors

Natural Lands Sponsors

Thriving Neighborhood Sponsors

Alta Housing | BART | Caltrain | EAH Housing | First Republic Bank | FM3 Research | Habitat for Humanity Bay Area | Hanson Bridgett LLP | Hassell | HOK | Lowe | O’Brien Homes | Page & Turnbull | Perkins&Will | Samtrans | SOMO Living | Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District | TBWBH Props & Measures / Clean Sweep Campaigns | The Morley Bros.| The Nature Conservancy | Wilson Meany | Windy Hill Property Ventures

Individual Sponsors

Climate Advocacy Sponsors

Lynne Deegan-McGraw | Elliot Evers |Craig Hartman & Jan O’Brien | Jon & Kitty Harvey | Laney & Pasha Thornton

Conservation Education Sponsors

Stefan & Kathryn Bewley | Linda Jo Fitz | Lydia & Doug Shorenstein Foundation

Natural Lands Sponsors

John & Jean Brennan | Laurel Prevetti and Bob Hawn | Robert Johnson | Aaron Money | Jean Schulz | Michele and Richard Stratton | Dee Swanhuyser

Thriving Neighborhood Sponsors

Jason Fish & Courtney Benoist | Carolyn Zecca Ferris & Timothy Ferris | Karen Grove| David Hearth & Lauren Hall | Caryl Hart | John Hooper | Robert Lawrence | Anu Natarajan | Robert & Patricia Raburn | Tom Robertson & Jody Jahn 

As of September 14, 2021.


Individual Sponsorships: Nora Cullinen  |  ncullinen@greenbelt.org  |  1-415-543-6771 x302
Corporate Sponsorships: Paris Badat  |  pbadat@greenbelt.org  |  1-415-543-6771 x315

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