Kevin Riley

Meet Kevin

At Greenbelt Alliance, Kevin can turn the tides for sustainable communities and affordable housing, promoting less sprawl and more access to mass transit and open space.


Kevin Riley is a native of Antioch and the Bay Area. He enjoys exploring the regional parks in the East Bay, and bike riding on the many trails that stretch from Brentwood to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Growing up in Antioch, Kevin has first-hand experience with the issues that arise in the shadows of one of the Bay Area’s largest suburban cities; including lack of community & amenities, economic inequality, long commute times, and the resulting crime. After graduating from college, Kevin worked for an engineering firm as a land surveyor and drafter. This experience and learning required being involved in the construction of unsustainable, low-density tract housing. Knowing this positing was against his values, Kevin soon found himself as the Solano County Regional Representative for Greenbelt Alliance.

Kevin holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management from Humboldt State University. While in college, Kevin was involved with several nonprofit organizations–from an eco-friendly housing project to an all-ages music and arts venue.

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