Resilience Playbook

California is one of the most climate-stressed places in the world. More guidance and support is needed to ensure people
and our natural resources are safe and can bounce back quickly from climate disasters that are sure to strike. That’s where we come in… 

The reality in California, and especially in the Bay Area, is that climate events like wildfires, drought, and sea level rise are becoming more extreme. Low income and communities of color are hit especially hard due to historic exclusionary zoning coupled with a lack of resources and staff capacity for the planning and implementation of solutions to emerging climate hazards. Action is needed now to protect people and build resilience. That’s why Greenbelt Alliance is creating a Resilience Playbook.

The Resilience Playbook is…

A one-of-a-kind, user-friendly resource that includes policy and planning guidance, template language, and innovative example ordinances that local decision makers and community leaders can use to accelerate their adaptation to multiple climate risks. These strategies will leverage natural and working lands as defense mechanisms to absorb floodwaters, sequester carbon, protect water supply, and provide buffers to wildfires.

A tool that will enable dialogue with local jurisdictions and communities hit hardest by the impacts of climate change, laying the foundation for implementing nature-based solutions. With the Resilience Playbook in hand, local leaders will be able to accelerate adapting to flooding, fires, and drought—allowing communities to thrive under a changing climate.

outcomes of this work

Local communities will have access to tools, information, and best practices to make informed, forward-looking planning decisions.

We will achieve this by sharing the Resilience Playbook with elected officials, city/county staff and community members.

We will then host advocacy and training activities with at least 30 local and regional decision makers, leaders, and community advocates to ensure they understand and implement this new, innovative tool.

Greenbelt Alliance advances its on-the-ground advocacy to raise awareness and the adoption of the Resilience Playbook.

We will track city and county land-use and planning updates to help identify opportunities and needs that will be addressed in the Playbook.

As a result, the Resilience Playbook will guide planning processes including: General Plans, Climate Action Plans, Hazard Mitigation Plans, and growth management policies such as Urban Growth Boundaries.


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