Meet Nancy Fleming, Climate Rider

Photo: Kip Pierson ©

Nancy just completed her third consecutive Climate Ride, biking down the Northern California coast to raise money for Greenbelt Alliance. Thank you, Nancy!

Team Greenbelt Alliance completes another Climate Ride

Team Greenbelt Alliance has successfully completed Climate Ride California 2014! From May 17 to May 20, Team Greenbelt Alliance took to our bikes to “pedal for the planet,” riding 250 miles from San Francisco to Sacramento.

My Climate Ride 2013 Diary

Climate Ride—an epic five-day, 320-mile charitable bike ride from Eureka to San Francisco. The goal: to raise awareness of and funds for bike advocacy, sustainability, and renewable energy to help combat climate change. The team: Adam, Amie, David, Heidi, Jennifer, Nancy, Robby, Trafton, and me, Anna. This is our story…

Team Greenbelt Alliance is ready to rock Climate Ride 2013!

Climate Ride is less than two days away—Team Greenbelt Alliance is primed and ready to start pedaling! From May 18 through May 23, follow our progress on Climate Ride daily right here on our blog, via our Twitter, and on Facebook.

Climate Ride California 2013: Our Journey to Success

Greenbelt Alliance had the biggest team and was the top fundraiser of Climate Ride California 2012. So what did we do in 2013? We went all-out for team recruitment and fundraising and had a lot of fun while we were at it!

Team Greenbelt Alliance has survived Climate Ride 2012!

The Greenbelt Alliance team successfully completed the 2012 Climate Ride, biking 320 miles down the Northern California coast to raise money for organizations promoting sustainability and fighting climate change.

127 miles down!

Climate Ride started Sunday, and we’ve already completed 127 miles of cycling in the first two days!

Climate Ride starts Sept. 9

This Sunday, Greenbelt Alliance’s team of 12 will start pedaling 320 miles up and down the hills of the Northern California coastline from Eureka to San Francisco on Climate Ride.

Climate Rider: Jon Shields

I feel that open space around the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the key aspects that make it such a wonderful place to live, so we fully support the mission.

Climate Rider: Evan Lovett-Harris

I love traveling by bicycle, and am doubly excited to bike the California coastline with a group of people committed to making the world a better place. We’ll inspire one another and make connections that will benefit the communities that we work in.