Sonoma County Advancing New Housing & Land-Use Policies

Greenbelt Alliance is working to fine-tune several proposed new county initiatives that are likely to increase the density and number of homes, as well as people, in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County—beyond the nine city’s’ urban growth boundaries (UGB). We need you to make your voice heard at the Board of Supervisors meeting on October 23! 

Housing & Transportation Center Stage at Sunnyvale Candidate Forum

Recently, Sunnyvale residents gathered to hear from City Council candidates on issues regarding affordable housing, sustainable transportation, and climate change at the Liveable Sunnyvale Candidate Forum.

A Vision of Fire-Safe Communities in Sonoma

Building fire-safe communities helps ensure only nature will need to recover after wildfires.

Sonoma County’s Fire Recovery Plan, which will guide rebuilding in the county, could help lead to the growth of more fire-safe communities.

Vote YES On California Proposition 2

Sunrise in the Bay Area, where the homeless population would benefit significantly from California Proposition 2

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote YES on Proposition 2, which helps provide housing for homeless Californians living with mental illness.

Vote YES on California Proposition 1 and Bring New Homes to the State

California Proposition 1 will help spur construction of new homes people can afford across the state

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote yes on California Proposition 1, which provides $4 billion for badly needed housing across the state.

Vote YES On Measure V for Affordable Homes in San Jose

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote YES on Measure V in San Jose, which provides badly needed funding for homes people can afford.

Vote YES on Measure O to Support Berkeley Homes People Can Afford

This November Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote YES on Berkeley’s Measure O, which will fund the preservation and development of homes people can afford.

Shaping the Bay Area One Generation at a Time

Evers Family History

The Evers family have been working for nearly 85 years to ensure growth happens in a way that preserves the landscapes that make the Bay Area special. Their work has helped shape our region into a place where both natural lands and urbanization can thrive.

Adam Garcia is Empowering Bay Area Communities

Adam Garcia on during Climate Ride. Give to Greenbelt Alliance to support our outings program and the rest of our work!

Adam Garcia explains how the Bay Area Greenprint empowers our region’s communities, and why you should give to Greenbelt Alliance to support his work.

Finding Funding for Resilient by Design

With the design phase complete, the focus turns to finding funding for Resilient by Design projects.

With the design phase completed, a recent workshop shows that finding funding for Resilient by Design projects is the initiative’s highest priortity.