Imagine a farming Greenbelt

What would it take to keep the Bay Area’s farms prosperous?

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan moves forward

In September and October, the six partners to the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan voted to continue funding the planning process, allowing progress to continue toward permanent protection of vital lands in the South Bay.

Advocates to Supervisors: New Farm still illegal

A legal review presented in September to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors shows that the proposed 187-unit suburban development would violate numerous local laws.

OneBayArea Grant Program

As of July 2011, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area’s regional transportation planning agency, is considering a proposal (PDF) to create grant programs for sustainable growth. This is a key step forward, and we like a lot of what we see.

$7 Million Settlement for Farmland in East Bay

San Francisco—Greenbelt Alliance and The San Francisco Foundation announced today the resolution of a settlement in the Contra Costa Superior Court that holds up the requirement to compensate the surrounding environment when developing on prime farmland.

Oakley, Greenbelt Alliance settle lawsuit over farmland

Paul Burgarino The city will set aside millions of dollars in compensation for farmland where thousands of homes are one day expected, according to a lawsuit settlement with the Greenbelt Alliance announced Monday. Oakley will set up a fund to preserve farmland to offset the loss of 828 acres along the East Cypress corridor in the city’s northeast, where more than 3,600 homes are planned. The fund will total $6.8 million and… Read More

$7 Million settlement for farmland in East Bay

Greenbelt Alliance and The San Francisco Foundation announced today the resolution of a Oakley lawsuit in the Contra Costa Superior Court.

Sustaining Our Agricultural Bounty

Harley Farms goat

This report with Sustainable Agriculture Education and American Farmland Trust finds an agricultural industry struggling in the global marketplace, but thriving through local markets and agritourism.

Report finds Bay Area farmland faces challenges, opportunities to thrive

From 1984 to 2008, the Bay Area lost over 200,000 acres of agricultural land to development including 12% of its total cropland and 18% of its prime cropland.

Editorial: Don’t pave California’s pastures

Gov. Jerry Brown shows no fear in offering a combo-plate solution to fix California’s disastrous finances. He has put billions in cuts and new taxes on the table and even suggested taking away cell phones from thousands of state workers. There’s one proposal he should leave off the list of cuts: a subsidy to conserve farmlands.