Cloverdale to consider adopting an urban growth boundary

After years of community input and urging by Greenbelt Alliance, the City Council is now poised to place an urban growth boundary measure on the 2010 ballot.

Brentwood: Vote no on Measure F

Greenbelt Alliance, Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, and Brentwood residents have organized an opposition campaign to Measure F. If all goes well June 8, this development scheme will be beaten back, again.

Visualizing Futures for Redwood City Salt Ponds

A couple of weeks ago, an interesting link came through our Facebook feed: There’s not much on the site other than a remarkably compelling video about one of the Bay Area’s most contentious development controversies.

Greenbelt Alliance presents Grow Smart Bay Area in Contra Costa County

By the year 2020, an estimated 1.16 million people will be calling Contra Costa County home. Together, we can ensure that that growth happens in a way that is better for the economy, the environment, and our neighborhoods.

Redwood City salt ponds not the right place for massive development

The Redwood City Council will likely approve a contract Monday for an environmental impact report on a proposal to build a small city on 1,400 acres of salt ponds bordering San Francisco Bay.

Open space little effect on housing, study says

Land preservation efforts in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas have had only a minor effect on housing construction, according to a new Stanford study that looks to end decades of squabbling between environmentalists and developers.

Concord Naval Weapons Station Reuse Plan – Almost There!

On February 9, Concord residents expressed their overall support for the Concord Naval Weapons Station Reuse Plan while insisting that natural resource, jobs, and housing protections be improved before adoption.

Williamson Act Properties

Williamson Act properties at risk of development.

Brentwood attempts to create its own urban limit line

Rowena Coetsee An initiative that would pave the way for Brentwood to annex hundreds of acres moved forward last week when proponents submitted signatures to elections officials in hopes of getting the measure on the June ballot. The proposal would establish Brentwood’s own urban limit line, replacing the county’s present line with a more expansive boundary that includes about 740 additional acres of open space west of the city. Urban limit lines… Read More

Your Turn: Advice for the Concord City Council: Don’t leap without parachute

Greg Feere, Melissa Hippard, Rosanne Nieto, Samuel Tepperman-Gelfant Concord stands poised to take an enormous step that will shape the East Bay for generations: creating a community on the long dormant land of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Whether this is a leap to a better tomorrow or a plunge to an uncertain future depends on the environmental and social safeguards built into the project now. Later this month, the Concord City… Read More