Your Turn: Advice for the Concord City Council: Don’t leap without parachute

Greg Feere, Melissa Hippard, Rosanne Nieto, Samuel Tepperman-Gelfant Concord stands poised to take an enormous step that will shape the East Bay for generations: creating a community on the long dormant land of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Whether this is a leap to a better tomorrow or a plunge to an uncertain future depends on the environmental and social safeguards built into the project now. Later this month, the Concord City… Read More

Concord Naval Station reuse plan considered at city council meetings

On two upcoming Tuesdays, Feb. 9, and Feb. 23, the Concord City Council will consider the Environmental Impact Report and the preferred reuse plan for the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Unfortunately, the preferred plan for the redevelopment of the naval station only gets it about half right.

Labor, environmental, neighborhood groups raise questions on weapons station plan

Paul Thissen CONCORD — City leaders hope the plans for a sweeping development of homes, offices, schools and parks on the shuttered inland portion of the Concord Naval Weapons Station are nearly complete. But a coalition of interest groups says there is more work to be done before the environmental review is complete and plans can move forward. And one member of that group, unhappy with the plan approved a year ago,… Read More

Greenbelt and SB 375 at League Day

Saturday, January 30, Executive Director Jeremy Madsen will share Greenbelt Alliance’s Grow Smart Bay Area vision at the annual Bay Area League Day hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Sargent Ranch files for bankruptcy

Marissa Cevallos Environmentalists cheered news that the owner of a 6,500-acre wildlife habitat south of Gilroy is going bankrupt. Wayne Pierce’s company, Sargent Ranch LLC, which had unsuccessfully tried to develop luxury homes and two golf courses on the land, filed for bankruptcy this week in San Diego to avoid foreclosure. Environmentalists have fought development plans on the land, valued at $716 million, for the past two decades. “It’s definitely a win… Read More

Worth the Wait: The Improbable Transformation of Concord Naval Weapons Station

John Hart The improbable transformation of Concord Naval Weapons Station If good fences make good neighbors, the Inland Area of the Concord Naval Weapons Station has been a strangely good neighbor to the suburban Contra Costa County city it adjoins. For 65 years, ever since the navy purchased it in 1944, the 5,000-acre slab of land sloping eastward from the edge of town has been hidden in plain sight, visible from local… Read More

DIY Hike: Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Check out this DIY Hike created for you by Greenbelt Alliance. Get to know your local greenbelt!

Long delay likely for East Cypress corridor plan

An environmental group’s successful lawsuit against Oakley will likely keep the city’s East Cypress corridor closed to further development for at least another year.

Oakley must find better ways to offset the loss of 828 acres of farmland along East Cypress Road past Jersey Island Road, Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Barry Baskin ruled this month in a suit brought by the Greenbelt Alliance.

San Francisco Bay Area greenbelt development debated

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) wants to limit greenbelt development to only 900 acres per year for the San Francisco Bay Area — barely enough for a single subdivision.

Judge puts brakes on Oakley development

The Contra Costa County Superior Court has halted Oakley’s plans to develop thousands of acres of farmland as part of the East Cypress Corridor Specific Plan, ruling that the environmental impact report (EIR) for the project is still incomplete.