Deepak Kamlani

Board Member

Deepak is the President, CEO, and Founder of Global Inventures, Inc. His experience is in P&L management, marketing, product development and management, and corporate and business development with leading U.S., European, and Japanese high-tech companies.

Deepak founded Global Inventures as Interprise Ventures after the company he worked for previously, Centex Telemanagement, Inc., was acquired by MFS Communications. Prior to Centex, he was responsible for business development, technology transfer, and strategic ventures for NTT America, Inc., and served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Votrax, Inc., a supplier of integrated CTI equipment. Earlier positions include Toshiba America’s telecommunications systems division, where he led the marketing team; Fujitsu GTE Business Systems, where he was responsible for developing networked voice/data products; and GTE Corporation, where, among other projects, he participated in a corporate development team involved in the acquisition of Sprint Communications. He began his career with a division of ITT Corporation in the U.K. (STC, later ICL and Northern Telecom).

Deepak was educated at The Doon School in India. He graduated with an Honors degree in Physical Chemistry from University College, University of London, and an M.S. in Management from The Imperial College, also at the University of London. He serves on the advisory boards of start-ups, provides advisory services to venture capital firms, and is a frequent speaker at technology events worldwide.