Jeremy Madsen

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Jeremy Madsen sets and implements the organization’s strategic goals and manages its operations. He is the leader of Greenbelt Alliance’s policy and advocacy efforts to keep and improve what’s special about the Bay Area.

Jeremy came to Greenbelt Alliance from The San Francisco Foundation, where he helped launch the Great Communities Collaborative and supported social equity, affordable housing, and smart growth efforts around the Bay Area. From 2001 to 2005, Jeremy was Greenbelt Alliance’s Field Director, leading the organization’s policy campaigns and supervising the work of all its field offices. Previously, Jeremy served as Field Director for Washington state’s Transportation Choices Coalition, coordinated fair trade campaigns for the Washington, D.C.-based Citizens Trade Campaign, and ran get-out-the-vote efforts for candidate and ballot measure campaigns. A graduate of George Washington University, he earned a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon.

Jeremy’s Featured Posts

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