Noelani Fixler

Meet Noelani

As a Greenbelt Alliance Resilience Fellow, Noelani supports strategic campaigns to make the Bay Area more climate resilient.

Noelani Fixler (they/them) is a California transplant since 2016, originally from Hudson Valley, NY. As a recent graduate, Noelani holds a B.A. in Geography from UC Berkeley where they focused on the future of transportation policy, electrification, and safe streets. Noelani currently sits on Berkeley’s Transportation and Infrastructure Commission where they advise on a variety of local initiatives to improve bike and pedestrian safety.

Currently, Noelani is a Transportation Planning Intern for WETA, and previously worked for UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation as a TDM Coordinator advocating for student transportation equity. Outside of work, Noelani loves biking around the Bay Area, exploring cities and public lands, and trying new vegetarian foods.

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