• A Letter from the CEO

    A Letter from the CEO

    2014 was quite a year. Across the Bay Area, great steps were made toward better protecting our region’s special open spaces and to making our cities and towns great places to live, work, and play. Continue Reading →

  • The Man behind the Maps

    The Man behind the Maps

    Even if you are a longtime supporter of Greenbelt Alliance, a name you might not be familiar with is Adam Garcia. Adam is Greenbelt Alliance's mad scientist, our policy researcher. Today, Adam is working to improve the Bay Area Priority Conservation Area program. Continue Reading →

  • When David Met Serena

    When David Met Serena

    Sometimes you just have to step away from the computer screen and get outside to find the love of your life. That’s how David and Serena did it. The following is a Greenbelt Alliance love story… Continue Reading →

Remembering John

John Chapman

Greenbelt Alliance mourns the passing of long-time board member John Chapman. The Bay Area has lost a true champion. He will be missed. Read more about John.

Place Matters Blog

Scoping Out the BART Extension to the South Bay

Tracks are being laid, plans are moving forward, and the long-awaited BART extension from the East Bay to the South Bay is coming! And the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), which is managing the process, wants to hear from you. Continue reading

The Atlantic: Why Are Developers Still Building Sprawl?

Boomers and Millennials say they want to live in compact, walkable developments, but builders are putting their money into suburban McMansions. Continue reading

The Daily Journal: Redwood City studies developer housing fee: Planning Commission considers Community Benefits Program

As Redwood City embarks on ways to draw more benefits out of future developments, its residents have made it clear what is needed the most is affordable housing. Continue reading

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