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Greenbelt Alliance 2014 Election Guide

November 4, 2014 is election day, and it’s an important one for the Bay Area. Not sure what’s on the ballot? Read our recommendations for how to vote on the various ballot measures throughout the region. Continue reading

Alameda County: Vote YES on Measure BB

Greenbelt Alliance supports Measure BB—the proposed reauthorization, increase, and extension of Alameda County’s ½ cent transportation sales tax. If it passes, Measure BB would provide an unprecedented infusion of resources for transit, street repair, walking and biking infrastructure, and transit-oriented development. Continue reading

Union City: Vote NO on Measure KK

Put on the ballot by sprawl developers, Measure KK would break voter-approved open space protections to allow hundreds of housing units and strip mall development on 63 acres of land at the eastern edge of Union City. Greenbelt Alliance urges residents to say no to sprawl by voting no on Measure KK this November. Continue reading

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