Remembering John

John Chapman Greenbelt Alliance mourns the passing of long-time board member John Chapman. The Bay Area has lost a true champion. He will be missed. Read more about John.


CEO Jeremy Madsen in The Atlantic

Developers are still stubbornly focused on paving over natural and agricultural lands to build car-dependent single-family homes in far-flung suburbs. Fortunately, the Bay Area has been bucking the national trend as our CEO Jeremy Madsen explains to The Atlantic. Continue reading

Holy Urban Greening, Batman!

Urban Greening Priority Conservation Areas are an investment in our neighborhoods’ natural resources that will create healthier environments for humans and wildlife while also cutting long-term costs and increasing land value. Continue reading

A Win for Affordable Homes in Sunnyvale

On March 17, the Sunnyvale City Council took action to address the housing crisis by approving a fee on market-rate rental projects that will fund much-needed affordable homes. Continue reading

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