Become A Greenbelt Guardian

Ready to make a lasting impact on the Bay Area’s resilience to a changing climate? Join our growing community of Greenbelt Guardians who are advancing our work to preserve open space and promote climate-smart growth solutions.

By giving $10 a month, you’re helping Greenbelt Alliance educate, advocate, and collaborate to address the climate crisis now.

Help The Bay Area Thrive

Our monthly supporters are a crucial support system for our mission – they provide the steady support needed to drive meaningful change.

By giving monthly, you’re allowing Greenbelt Alliance to spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on our critical work to ensure the Bay Area is made-up of healthy, thriving, resilient communities.


Welcome Gift

As a thank you for your ongoing commitment, you will receive Bay Area Flora & Fauna: A Guide to Native Plants & Animals Around the Region, the perfect pocket book to explore the Bay Area!

Guided Outing

An exclusive guided outing each year with the infamous Ken Lavin to explore a special place in our region. These outings are a huge hit, and this one will be tailored just for our guardians!

Exclusive Events

These events are designed for our members to connect on a deeper level with Greenbelt Alliance and our most dedicated supporters. You’ll get insider information and more!

Special Newsletter

We will send you emails to share progress updates so that you can see how your monthly gift is making an impact on creating an inclusive, climate-resilient Bay Area.

Shout Out

Recognition in our Annual Report each year where others can see your membership status and acknowledge your sustaining gift that helps us achieve our mission.

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