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Media Coverage Highlights

City and Regional Goals Clash as Newark Pushes Ahead With Low-Density Housing in A Bay
Bay Nature | March 9, 2021

This Bay Nature article offers a comprehensive take on the impacts and implications of low-density housing developments in largely undeveloped areas in vulnerable ecosystems like the Newark Wetlands, not only for the City but the entire region. It also retells the activism behind the campaign to #SaveNewarkWetlands, with the insight from our Director of Climate Resilience, Zoe Siegel.

Newark: Judge rejects bid to stop housing development next to wetlands
The Mercury News | December 28, 2020

“The time for bold action and leadership to direct growth away from places like Newark Area 4 and towards urban centers is now,” Zoe Siegel said after an Alameda County judge dismissed an environmental organizations lawsuit to stop a luxury housing development on a region home to wetlands vital for regional resilience, wildlife habitat and prone to floods.

Op-Ed: Infill housing is critical for a healthy region and climate
San Francisco Chronicle | December 18, 2020

In this opinion piece, Zoe Siegel, from Greenbelt Alliance, and Zack Subin from Urban Environmentalists, make the case for infill housing, and how it could be the single most impactful measure for Bay Area cities to address climate impacts with local policies, ranging from SF to Oakland to Mountain View. 

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