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Justin Ebrahemi, Director of Marketing & Communications

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Amanda Brown-Stevens, Executive Director

Ph: 1-415-543-6771 x300 | Email Amanda

Media Coverage Highlights 

YIMBYs are winning this session

Politico / September 13, 2023

“I think for a long time the environmental movement has been centered around saying no and stopping things,” said Jordan Grimes, resilience manager with the Greenbelt Alliance. “But there is a big difference between stopping a freeway expansion or the construction of a warehouse in a low income community and stopping affordable housing.”

Bay Area climate ‘hot spots’ need immediate action

NBC Bay Area / September 5, 2023

“Greenbelt Alliance, a local nonprofit organization, is sounding the alarm on 18 Bay Area communities that need climate action now, with five being labeled as “hot spots” due to overlapping risks to disasters making them a top priority.”

Billionaires’ Secretive Plan to Build a New City Is Backfiring

Bloomberg / September 1, 2023

“The Greenbelt Alliance…opposes the development because it’s in a high-risk location for wildfires, extreme heat and flooding. Laying a nonpermeable surface atop the virgin land further increases those risks, according to Executive Director Amanda Brown-Stevens. ‘This doesn’t make sense from an open space or a climate perspective,’ she said.”

Mystery developer creates ‘Game of Thrones’-type drama with $800 million Bay Area land grab
San Francisco Chronicle / August 25, 2023

“Greenbelt Alliance Executive Director Amanda Brown-Stevens said the land Flannery is buying up is exactly where housing should not be built.”

Local leaders react to President Biden’s announcement of environmental funding
Palo Alto Online / June 20, 2023

“Greenbelt Alliance’s Executive Director Amanda Brown-Stevens said that it was ‘very exciting to hear the president talk about measures we’ve been trying to elevate over the last few years: how to use nature to protect coastal communities.'”

Gavin Newsom vowed to fix California environmental law stalling housing. Was the promise empty?
The Sacramento Bee / May 5, 2023

“Amanda Brown-Stevens, executive director of Greenbelt Alliance, is part of an evolving movement within the environmental community that is working with housing advocates to pursue policies that both protect the environment and ease barriers to new housing.”

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