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Jessie Brennan, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

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Amanda Brown-Stevens, Executive Director

Ph: 1-415-543-6771 x300 | Email Amanda

Media Coverage Highlights

San Francisco’s environmental pioneers had one thing in common: They were all women
San Francisco Examiner | March 8, 2022

“There was this network of civically-minded ladies that provided the leadership that helped save the region,” said Amanda Brown-Stevens, executive director of Greenbelt Alliance, a Bay Area-based environmental nonprofit. Learn more about the Bay Area’s environmental leaders in this San Francisco Examiner article.

New Playbook Details Minutiae of Resilience
Kneedeep Times | December 20, 2021

In the midst of a climate emergency already thrusting wildfires, drought, and flooding upon us it is easy to feel helpless and lost. The Greenbelt Alliance’s newly released “Resilience Playbook” seeks to combat that resignation by offering a motivating vision and practical steps for building local climate adaptation and resilience. Read this article in the Kneedeep Times today.

How do new state laws affect San Jose’s Opportunity Housing?
San José Spotlight| September 21, 2021

While SB9 is a huge achievement to increase density and provide more housing options across California, the proposed Opportunity Housing considered for San José is very important to tackle local challenges. Our Advocacy Manager, Justin Wang, comments about the subject on San José Spotlight.

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