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Bay Area Sprawl Has Put Homes in the Path of Fires—What Now?
KQED Science | October 26, 2017

October’s historic fires in the North Bay are a stark reminder of a growing reality across California: during fire season, millions of people live in harm’s way. That number is only expected to increase as the population grows…

As California’s Population Grows, People Are Moving into More Fire-Prone Areas
NPR: All Things Considered | October 25, 2017

As Santa Rosa begins rebuilding from the wildfires, the city will have to address the alarming trend of sprawl into fire-prone areas. It’s a little-discussed aspect of the state’s housing crisis…

Press Release: Governor Jerry Brown Signs Legislation to Move Forward Solano Countywide Park District
September 6, 2017

Greenbelt Alliance and our partners are celebrating a big milestone in the creation of a Countywide Park and Open Space District in Solano County…

Sprawl Isn’t the Solution to the Bay Area’s Housing Needs — and It Hurts Our Ability to Ensure Water Supplies as Well
San Francisco Business Times | May 11, 2017

The one certainty about water in the Bay Area — and California — is change. From a multiyear drought to flooding in just a few short months, the devastating effects of both scarcity and over-abundance mean that we must use…

Blueprint for Bay Area Aims to ‘Change the Dynamics’ of Housing Crisis
San Francisco Chronicle | April 15, 2017 

The only way for the Bay Area to become a relatively affordable place to live again is for cities and counties to be more tolerant of different types of housing, according to the draft of a new regional plan. This could include a requirement that at least 10 percent of new units across the region be affordable and requiring fewer parking spaces…

New Report Outlines What’s at Risk if We Lose Bay Area’s Greenbelt
KQED Forum | January 31, 2017 

The rich agricultural lands that surround Bay Area cities make up the Bay Area greenbelt, a landscape that owes its existence to decades of conservation efforts. A report released Tuesday by the Greenbelt Alliance, a group dedicated to the protection of these lands, finds that an area almost 10 times the size of San Francisco could be developed in a generation…


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