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Media Coverage Highlights

California housing politics enters uncharted waters
Cal Matters / February 3, 2023

“Jordan Grimes with the Greenbelt Alliance: ‘Most advocates expect there to be litigation around the issue. So much of this is untested.'”

Most Bay Area cities missed the deadline to submit their housing plans. New penalties could be in store
Mercury News / February 1, 2023

“’Loss of zoning control is something that (local officials are) universally opposed to,’” said Jordan Grimes, a housing policy expert with the Bay Area nonprofit Greenbelt Alliance. “’You don’t do your homework and you lose your television privileges, and that’s essentially what happens.'”

Op-Ed: How Bay Area cities are still trying to cheat their way out of building housing
San Francisco Chronicle / February 1, 2023

“Housing element law is also not difficult to comply with. The state has issued reasonable housing goals for cities to comply with, reflecting realistic housing needs, with nearly unlimited flexibility to plan to meet those goals. Cities don’t need to plan for revolution, but they can’t fall back on the status quo, either.”

A 1-foot-wide piece of land? A tiny banana-shaped parcel? They were almost part of Orinda’s housing plan / Jan 31, 2023

“Despite pushback from Burke, other Bay Area residents and community groups, including East Bay Housing Organizations, Bike East Bay and the Greenbelt Alliance, the Orinda City Council is expected to vote to adopt its 2023-2031 Housing Element before the state’s deadline—in the nick of time.

Commentary: Environmental groups say yes to infill housing
The Sonoma Index-Tribune | December 22, 2022

“For too long it’s been assumed that environmentalists and conservationists say no to all development. Things are different now.” In a new op-ed on the Sonoma News, environmental orgs speak out in support of infill, denser housing in urbanized areas.

Could a buffer shield Californian homes from wildfire?

BBC | October 19, 2022

“In California, 11 million people [live] in the wildland-urban interface,” says our Deputy Director, Sarah Cardona. In order to create safer communities in the WUI and protect them from the spread of wildfires, we need to understand where and how we build. This requires a lot of people to also understand the critical role of greenbelts is reducing wildfire risks. Check out the article “Could a buffer shield Californian homes from wildfire?” on BBC today highlighting an important piece of our research “The Critical Role of Greenbelts in Wildfire Resilience”.

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