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As the Sea Rises and Climate Changes, a Bay Area City Plans 469 Single Family Homes On a Bayshore Flood Zone
Bay Nature | November 14, 2019

Planners, climate scientists, and environmentalists generally agree that two of the most critical measures California should take to reduce its carbon emissions are to build more dense urban housing near transit and to restore carbon-sequestering wetlands.

Future of Brentwood’s Western Edge in Voters’ Hands with Measure L
East Bay Times | November 2, 2019

On a large mostly fallow field of dry cropland that stretches into the pastoral hills and valleys west of Brentwood, developers want to build a new subdivision of up to 2,000 homes that would primarily be sold to the region’s aging residents.

Don’t Be Alarmed by Armies of Tarantulas. They’re Just Looking for Love.
The Wall Street Journal | October 8, 2019

Pity the male tarantula in October. He’s weak from starvation and desperate for love. The object of his desire lives underground, forcing him to wander around until he stumbles over a female, who may kill him after mating. First, he may stumble into horrified humans.

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