Planned Giving

If you love the San Francisco Bay Area, you can help protect and enhance this wonderful place for decades to come with a planned gift to Greenbelt Alliance. Since 1958, Greenbelt Alliance has shaped the rules that govern growth throughout the Bay Area, safeguarding our open spaces and agricultural lands and securing the right development in the right places. With a planned gift, you can make the future of the Bay Area your legacy.

Why a planned gift?

Planned gifts are effective tools for achieving your charitable and financial goals. A planned gift can take effect after your lifetime, or a planned gift can be set up to provide income during your life while assigning the remainder to Greenbelt Alliance. All Greenbelt Alliance donors making planned gifts are recognized with membership in the Jack Kent Legacy Society.

Planned gifts can provide tax savings for you or your estate while supporting work that is important for the future of the Bay Area.

Below are a few common ways to make a planned gift along with important information about flexibility and tax savings. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other options with you or your financial advisor. Contact us at 415-543-6771 x325 or email Nick Fisher for more information.


Gifts that take effect on your passing:

Through your will, living trust, retirement plan, or insurance, you name Greenbelt Alliance as your beneficiary. Please contact us for appropriate bequest language and tax I.D. number at 415-543-6771 x325 or email Nick Fisher for more information. Gifts of real estate or other assets are subject to acceptance.

Will or Living Trust
  • Name Greenbelt Alliance in your will or trust
  • Designate a specific amount, percentage of your estate, or a particular asset
  • Your gift can be cash, stocks/bonds, real estate, or other assets
  • You have continued use of these assets during your lifetime
  • Flexibility—you may change the bequest at any time
  • Your estate receives a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of your bequest
Retirement Plans or Insurance
  • Name Greenbelt Alliance as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) plan, or life insurance policy
  • Designate all or a percentage of the proceeds to Greenbelt Alliance
  • Naming Greenbelt Alliance can avoid the significant tax penalties levied when individuals inherit retirement plan funds
  • Possible estate tax savings
  • Flexibility—you may change the beneficiary designation at any time

Gifts that pay you income during your lifetime:

With a charitable annuity or remainder gift, you receive an immediate tax deduction while you or a designated beneficiary receives income during your life. The remainder or balance supports Greenbelt Alliance. If you fund this gift with appreciated assets, you may avoid capital gains tax.

Charitable Gift Annuity
  1. Fixed payments for life
  2. Income tax deduction (on present value of remainder interest)
  3. Tax-exempt income (partial)
  4. Avoidance of capital gains tax (partial)
  5. Possible federal estate tax savings
  6. Minimum gift $25,000 (administered by Silicon Valley Community Foundation)
Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Payments for life or a fixed number of years
  • Income tax deduction (on present value of remainder interest)
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax (partial)
  • Ideal way to make a large gift with appreciated assets
  • Possible federal estate tax savings
  • Minimum gift (non–real estate) $250,000 (administered by Silicon Valley Community Foundation)

Making a planned gift today:

Greenbelt Alliance is partnering with Silicon Valley Community Foundation to administer annuities and trusts, as well as complex bequests and current gifts of real estate, non-public stock or options, collectibles and other tangible property, subject to acceptance. For further information about making a planned gift or Greenbelt Alliance’s association with Silicon Valley Community Foundation, please contact us.

Contact us at 415-543-6771 x325 or email Nick Fisher for more information.

Note: The information is not intended as legal or tax advice. Greenbelt Alliance does not provide legal, accounting, or other professional services. Please contact your own legal and/or tax advisors for advice applicable to you.

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