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In each election, Greenbelt Alliance offers recommendations for your vote on important conservation and smart growth decisions in our Bay Area Voter Guide.

November 2019 Election Results

WIN! Rohnert Park | Yes to Measure B

The people of Rohnert Park chose to renew the city’s Urban Growth Boundary by an outstanding 90%. This is a huge win for open space in the North Bay, setting a precedent for other Bay Area cities to grow in a climate-smart way—within city boundaries and not on precious open space lands.

Vote YES on Measure B to Renew Rohnert Park’s UGB

WIN! Brentwood | No to Measure L

Brentwood residents stood up against sprawl development by voting no on Measure L. We’re proud to celebrate this victory with local partners—a win for the East Bay’s natural and agricultural lands as well as for climate-smart development in our cities.

Say No to Sprawl by Voting No on Measure L

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition A

San Francisco residents voted YES on Prop A to allocate $600 million towards affordable housing. This bond will fund the construction of more than 2,800 affordable housing units over the next four years, a critical step to remedy the housing shortage.

Vote for Affordable Housing by Saying YES to Prop A in SF

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition E

We must provide homes our educators in the Bay Area can afford so we are thrilled that San Franciscans voted YES on Prop E. The proposition expedites 100% affordable and educator housing projects and provides greater flexibility in local zoning.

Support Housing for SF Teachers—Vote Yes on Prop E

November 2018 Election Results

South Bay

LOSS SAN JOSE | Yes to Measure V

This measure authorizes a $450 million bond to fund affordable housing in San Jose. The bond would target working families, veterans, seniors, teachers, nurses, paramedics, and others. These funds would complement Santa Clara County’s Measure A-2016, a $1 billion housing bond that prioritized housing for the county’s large homeless population. The funds would help the City toward its goal of creating 10,000 affordable homes over the next five years. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! SAN JOSE | Yes to Measure T

This measure authorizes a $650 million general obligation bond for disaster preparedness, public safety, and infrastructure in the city of San Jose. The measure includes an innovative investment in the city’s natural infrastructure to prevent flooding and water supply contamination. The City will allocate up to $50 million for land acquisition for natural flood and water quality protection. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! SAN MATEO COUNTY | Yes to Measure W

This measure would raise approximately $2.4 billion over 30 years through a ½ cent sales tax to fund a variety of transportation projects and programs across San Mateo County. 60% of the funds would be dedicated to transit operations and capital, including bus, paratransit service, and Caltrain. The measure also includes funds to create safe places for walking and biking along with investments in local roads and highways. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

East Bay

WIN! EAST BAY CITIES | Yes to Measure FF

This measure extends an existing parcel tax that raises $3.3 million annually for another 20 years to enhance multiple parks within the East Bay Regional Park District. Funds will support public safety, wildfire prevention, and healthy forests; manage park infrastructure and maintenance; and provide environmental stewardship and habitat protection.  The measure covers the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Emeryville, and Piedmont. It requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! BERKELEY | Yes to Measure O

This measure authorizes the City of Berkeley to create a $135 million bond for the development and preservation of affordable homes for low and moderate-income households. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

North Bay

LOSS SANTA ROSA | Yes to Measure N

This measure authorizes an affordable housing bond that will generate $124 million over 30 years. At least 75% of revenue will be used to provide or preserve housing for low-income residents and up to 25% will be used for housing for moderate-income residents, prioritizing fire survivors. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! SONOMA COUNTY | Yes to Measure  M

The Sonoma County “Parks for All” measure creates a 1/8th cent sales tax that generates an estimated $11.5 million annually over 10 years for improving and maintaining county and city parks. Two-thirds of the funds would go to Sonoma County Regional Parks and one-third would go to city and neighborhood parks. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More


WIN! CALIFORNIA | Yes to Proposition 1

This statewide measure authorizes a $4 billion bond that would fund a variety of housing-related programs, including $1 billion to be spent on home loans for veterans and $1.5 billion to build, rehabilitate, and preserve affordable rentals. It also includes money to fund grants for projects dedicated to building homes near public transportation and inside cities and towns. This measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! CALIFORNIA | Yes to Proposition 2

This statewide measure unlocks up to $140 million per year for permanent supportive housing for individuals living with a severe mental illness who are homeless or at risk of chronic homelessness. It allows funds from the Mental Health Services Act of 2004, otherwise known as Proposition 63, to be spent on safe and secure housing, creating an environment that allows for wrap-around services, such as mental health treatment, to be delivered efficiently and effectively. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

WIN! CALIFORNIA | No to Proposition 6

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote NO on California Proposition 6, which would cut off an overdue investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure. Prop. 6 would repeal SB1, which authorized the 2017 increases to the state gas tax and vehicle fee that currently provide $5.6 billion a year for transportation projects. Of that total, more than $1 billion is specifically focused on public transit, bike, and pedestrian projects, which are vital to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. The measure requires a ⅔ majority to pass. Read More

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June 2018 Primaries Results


WIN! SAN JOSE | No to Measure B

Though not every vote has been counted, the results are clear, San Jose has rejected sprawl by saying NO to Measure B. Measure B posed a major threat to thousands of acres of open space across San Jose. It also included development plans for the Evergreen area, paving over greenbelt lands while bypassing affordable housing requirements and local fees. Read More

WIN! SAN JOSE | Yes to Measure C

To counteract Measure B, Mayor Sam Liccardo, nine San Jose City Council members, and community organizations leaders put forward Measure C, which voters passed on June 5. Measure C stops developers from taking shortcuts. It also creates new protections for open space lands and encourages the creation of affordable homes in the right places. Read More

Regional & State

WIN! BAY AREA | Yes to RM 3

We’re excited that RM3 passed in the June 2018 election! Regional Measure 3 provides critical investments in the Bay Area’s transportation future through an increase in tolls on the region’s seven state-owned bridges. By passing RM 3, the region will have better options for transit, walking, and biking—a win-win for our communities and the environment. Read More

WIN! CALIFORNIA | Yes to Prop. 68

Californians stood up for natural resources by passing Prop. 68, the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. This $4.1 billion bond measure funds parks, access to clean water, and improved resilience to climate change for all residents. Passing Prop. 68 sends a powerful message to the nation about how much we value our parks and natural resources. Read More

November 2017 Election Results

North Bay

Photo: David Yu via Flickr