Voter Guide & Election Results

In each election, Greenbelt Alliance offers recommendations for your vote on important conservation and smart growth decisions in our Bay Area Voter Guide.

March 2020 Election

Napa County | Yes to Measure K

Vote Yes on Napa Open Space Measure K

Contra Costa County | Yes to Measure J

Vote Yes on Measure J for Better Transit in Contra Costa

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November 2019 Election Results

WIN! Rohnert Park | Yes to Measure B

Vote YES on Measure B to Renew Rohnert Park’s UGB

WIN! Brentwood | No to Measure L

Say No to Sprawl by Voting No on Measure L

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition A

Vote for Affordable Housing by Saying YES to Prop A in SF

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition E

Support Housing for SF Teachers—Vote Yes on Prop E

Photo: David Yu via Flickr