Voter Guide & Election Results

In each election, Greenbelt Alliance offers recommendations for your vote on important conservation and smart growth decisions in our Bay Area Voter Guide.

March 2020 Election Results

LOSS Marin & Sonoma Counties | Yes to Measure I

Sonoma & Marin Counties Vote No on Measure I

LOSS Contra Costa County | Yes to Measure J

Contra Costa County Votes No on Measure J

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November 2019 Election Results

WIN! Rohnert Park | Yes to Measure B

Vote YES on Measure B to Renew Rohnert Park’s UGB

WIN! Brentwood | No to Measure L

Say No to Sprawl by Voting No on Measure L

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition A

Vote for Affordable Housing by Saying YES to Prop A in SF

WIN! San Francisco | Yes to Proposition E

Support Housing for SF Teachers—Vote Yes on Prop E

Photo: David Yu via Flickr