Governing Nature-Based Resilience

The challenge: Climate hazards don’t stop at municipal boundaries and our adaptation strategies cannot either. Many municipalities and climate-based organizations lack the capacity to manage much-needed funding from State and Federal programs.

The solution: Greenbelt Alliance is working to foster the collaboration needed across boundaries to plan, implement, and manage long-term resilience projects. We are facilitating the governance structures, dialogues, coordination, and best practices to strengthen cities and counties working better together—increasing equitable and impactful outcomes. Here’s how…



Greenbelt Alliance is sharing research and best practices for crafting climate-resilient governance models with city and county staff. Given climate impacts often have no boundaries, we are also facilitating cross-jurisdiction learning opportunities.

Sharing information in this way provides the space necessary for places to work together and support one another in order to address complex adaptation challenges.


Greenbelt Alliance is supporting local planning initiatives and policy campaigns that prioritize climate-governance solutions. We are activating our strong base of advocates to hold decision makers accountable when allocating resources.

By working at the community-level and amplifying local organizations’ initiatives, we can ensure funding goes where it is needed most for climate risk reduction and resilience results.


Greenbelt Alliance is working with leaders in climate-vulnerable communities to develop governance structures that tap in to, and leverage funding that will enable long-term operations and maintenance of nature-based solutions.

This collective work is critical to help local governments protect its residents from climate impacts.


Adaptation Planning Governance

Adaptation Planning Governance

Our team is working with partners in places like North Richmond where we’re helping to develop an effective governance structure that will implement a living levee along the shoreline.


Building Climate Governance Through Community-Centered Programs

In September 2021, Governor Newsom passed a budget with $15 billion allocated for climate resilience and natural resource management, and just two months later, the Biden Administration passed the $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill with $47 billion designated for climate resilience. With local and international reminders of the huge amount of work left to do, government

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Bay Area Resilience Hotspots: A Natural Tool to Reduce Climate Risks

In life, change is almost always inevitable. Sometimes we embrace it in order to sculpt new realities and better opportunities for our families and communities, and sometimes we push back against it, trying to protect what we have worked so hard to build. There is one significant change that we all have in common. The

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