Bay Area Resilience Hotspots

Winters are drier, summers hotter, and wildfires are a regular threat as are cycles of drought and major floods. The region is grappling with how to handle these overlapping climate risks. So we are identifying the places with the greatest opportunities to make a difference.

Greenbelt Alliance is analyzing the Bay Area’s lands at greatest risk of multiple climate-related hazards as well as lands offering greatest resilience benefits to identify Resilience Hotspots. We are doing this because climate change is impacting some places more than others and we want to make sure California’s climate investments go to the communities that need it the most!

We are doing this by:

Analyzing conventional data sources to point us towards Areas of Opportunity where climate hazards overlap with communities vulnerable to climate impacts, conservation priorities, and a risk for development to occur outside of urban areas.

Collaborating with local experts to understand experiences at the community level with climate change and discuss strategies for building local resilience through nature-based solutions. This input is vital for the development of Community Resilience Profiles that will accompany the launch of our Interactive Map as a resource to:

  1. Build a strong foundation for future grant applications;
  2. Uplift community leaders and ongoing resilience activities; and
  3. Co-create near-term recommendations for building resilience in the community and the region as a whole.

OUR plan for success


Gathering the East Bay’s Brightest and Boldest

On May 17, 2023, Greenbelt Alliance supporters gathered for our second annual East Bay Happy Hour to envision a climate-resilient Bay Area for all. The event was hosted by Monica Nasif-Kaldani and Michael Nasif, who generously opened up their beautiful home for us to gather. Check out the photos of the event here. Greenbelt Alliance

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“If You Want Something Done, Turn to the Powerful Women:” Sonoma County Organization Empowers Latinx Community

Latino Service Providers is a Greenbelt Alliance partner and we are honored to spotlight the women-led organization with a special interview this Women’s History Month. Alayza Cervantes found her passion to serve the Latino community while studying psychology and Chicano Studies at UC Davis. Born in Sonoma County as a first generation Mexican American, she

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Tell Us What You Think Of The Resilience Playbook!

The Resilience Playbook is a guide for accelerating equitable adaptation to the climate crisis in the Bay Area. It offers a holistic approach to advancing solutions that address overlapping environmental, economic, and social challenges—bringing together curated strategies and tools to support local decision-makers and community leaders wherever they are in their journey Tell us your

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Beyond Physical Hazards to Understand Wildfire Risk

In the Bay Area, we’re no strangers to wildfires. Year after year we are forced to reckon with staggering statistics of the record number of homes destroyed and acres burned. But much less often do we hear about the rippling effects that wildfire events have on our frontline workers and unhoused neighbors, and even more

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Rethinking Our Connection to Nature: Bay Area Resilience Hotspots

In the Bay Area, we are lucky to have abundant diversity in our natural landscapes, built environments, and cultural expression. It is arguably one of the most unique topographies on planet Earth. Thousands of people travel from all over the world to ponder the towering redwoods of Muir Woods, enjoy the marine wildlife of the

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Bay Area Resilience Hotspots: A Natural Tool to Reduce Climate Risks

In life, change is almost always inevitable. Sometimes we embrace it in order to sculpt new realities and better opportunities for our families and communities, and sometimes we push back against it, trying to protect what we have worked so hard to build. There is one significant change that we all have in common. The

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