Support The Homeless Navigation Center in Fremont

Add your name to sign the petition below. Dear Mayor Mei and the Fremont City Council:We are writing to share our strong support for the City’s plans to build a Homeless Navigation Center in Fremont. Thank you for acknowledging the need for providing services to support our unhoused neighbors. As a Compassionate City, we understand that the current shelter crisis is a threat to the safety and well-being of those experiencing homelessness…. Read More

Protect Rohnert Park’s Open Space and Halt Sprawl

An overwhelming 71 % of Rohnert Park voters chose to establish an urban growth boundary (UGB) around the city by passing Measure N. First enacted in June 2000, the UGB has protected Rohnert Park for 20 years. Now, unless the City Council puts a measure on the Ballot to let voters renew the UGB, it will expire in June of 2020. The UGB is a line around the city that contains development. It protects surrounding open space and… Read More

Renew the City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary

Help us tell Sonoma City Council that they must give voters the chance to renew the urban growth boundary that has protected open space and farmland around the city for 20 years!

Add Your Name: Support the Creation of the Solano Park and Open Space District

Today, Solano is the only county in the nine-county Bay Area that does not have a park and open space district. But, together with local residents and organizations, we’re looking to change that. Greenbelt Alliance is working closely with the County, each of the seven Solano cities, park district advocates, and residents to make the district a reality. Parks and open spaces are vital to a high quality of life for people… Read More

Add Your Name: Protect Brentwood’s Agricultural Heritage!

U-Pick orchards are emblematic of Brentwood's agricultural history

800 acres of active farmland outside the city’s urban limit line will be lost forever if we don’t come together to protect Brentwood’s agricultural history. Sign our petition to help us stop Developer Blackhawk Nunn Partners from building a sprawling, 2,400-unit subdivision. The town’s ratio of jobs to homes is already badly out of balance; a whopping 88% of employed people in Brentwood leave the city each day for work. This proposal—on land… Read More

Tell San Jose City Council to Protect Coyote Valley

After decades of effort, the passage of Measure T has given San Jose the chance to purchase and Coyote Valley. Act now to demand San Jose City Council use the full $50 million approved by voters with Measure T to permanently protect Coyote Valley!

Defend Sonoma County’s Community Separators

Sonoma Solstice threatens greenbelt lands at the site of the old Buzzard's Gulch.

In 2016, Sonoma County voted by 81% to protect community separators, the green spaces between our towns and cities. Now, a luxury resort with hundreds of events is proposed by an out-of-town developer in the community separator between Santa Rosa and Windsor. This oversized hideout for the 1% will put the community separators we voted to protect to the test! Defend the Windsor-Larkfield-Santa Rosa Community Separator from this oversized development by signing… Read More

Share the Love: Tell us your story

Throughout our 60-year history, Greenbelt Alliance has touched the lives of thousands of Bay Area people. If you have a great story about your experience with us, we can’t wait to hear it. Share the love here.

Support More Homes Along Sunnyvale’s El Camino Real

Sign on to our support letter below to let Sunnyvale City Council know you support more homes along El Camino Real.

Stop Sprawl in Coyote Valley

For decades, Greenbelt Alliance and our partners have protected Coyote Valley from inappropriate development—from technology campuses to sprawling subdivisions. Now there is yet another proposal before the San Jose City Council to build a 517,000 square foot warehouse distribution center on Coyote Valley’s pristine lands. We need your help to stop it.