Investing in Nature

The challenge: Lands throughout the Bay Area must be protected and maintained in order to build resilience to climate change and implement nature-based infrastructure. Unfortunately, the dedicated funding required for this critical work is woefully lacking.

The solution: Greenbelt Alliance is supporting the planning and coordination efforts that will increase investment streams to levels that result in the heightened protection, conservation, and stewardship of open spaces and the execution of natural tools in resilience efforts. Here’s how…



Greenbelt Alliance is using our deep knowledge in land-use planning and tools like our Resilience Playbook to give decision makers at the regional and state levels guidance on the most climate-resilient policies and best practices to allocate funding where its needed the most.

Doing this ensures that planning and funding initiatives are more equitable as we focus on bringing the community into these processes.


Greenbelt Alliance is supporting local, regional, and state funding measures that protect and invest in the long-term stewardship of vital lands and urban greenspaces. We do this by endorsing ballot measures and elevating the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis.

It is with the backing of local communities that will lead to long-term investments that allow the people and places we love to flourish.


Greenbelt Alliance works across sectors to direct funding to the right places. This includes collaborating with agencies like the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to ensure initiatives incorporate equitable community engagement in their resilience planning processes.

It is through partnerships like these that will deliver the investment necessary for resilience.


Resilient & Equitable Priority Conservation Areas

Community Economic Resilience Fund

Statewide Funding for Nature & Climate Resilience

Local Funding Measures for Conservation

Resilient & Equitable Priority Conservation Areas

We are working with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on its Priority Conservation Area revamp process to ensure efforts include better resilience, equity, and community engagement components.

Community Economic Resilience Fund

As a member of the Bay Area High Road Transition Collaborative (HRTC), we are working with 52 other organizations to allocate the Community Economic Resilience Fund planning grant for inclusive, sustainable economic strategies.

Statewide Funding for Nature & Climate Resilience

We are working at the state level by endorsing bills and building coalitions that drive funding for climate resilience initiatives that leverage nature-based solutions.

Local Funding Measures to Support Conservation

Our team is collaborating with local governments and organizations to support policies that allocate funding for the protection of natural and working lands.


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