Nature for People

The challenge: Many people lack access to, and information about, the Bay Area’s natural places and the solutions they provide to build more climate resilience in ways that benefit ecosystems and communities equitably.

The solution: Greenbelt Alliance is deepening the connection between humans and the natural world so that communities can leverage nature’s many benefits to steward the greenspaces and lands that are critical to thrive. Here’s how…



Greenbelt Alliance will provide free, guided walks and hikes as a unique and engaging way to learn about the natural benefits of the Bay Area. Our team of expert outing leaders include urban planners, docents, and naturalists all knowledgeable in the region’s policy landscape, land-use issues, ecology, and history.

Through outings and other learning opportunities like workshops and trainings, a deeper connection to our natural lands is established, driving the will to protect and steward these places for generations to come.


Greenbelt Alliance will drive local advocacy efforts to stop development on lands that contain resources needed to adapt to climate change. We will further policies that advance new development within existing cities. We will amplify initiatives that preserve open spaces and promote urban greening opportunities.

By building community will, the right decisions will be made when it comes to protecting the lands we must rely on to build resilience to climate change. As a result, everyone will have access to nature and its multitude of benefits.


Greenbelt Alliance will focus on places that are being deeply affected by climate hazards. Through our Bay Area Resilience Hotspot initiative, we have identified communities that need our help the most and will collaborate with decision makers, community leaders, and residents to leverage nature to adapt.

Doing things like planting trees for shade, converting schoolyards into greenspaces, and creating resilience hubs for refuge will allow for at-risk residents to not only survive, but thrive during climate events like extreme heat.


Extreme Heat Mitigation


Greenbelt Outings

Urban Growth Boundaries

Stopping Sprawl

Extreme Heat Mitigation

We are working in places like Southwest Santa Rosa to reduce heat impacts and improve health outcomes by expanding tree canopy and access to green space. 

Resilience Hubs

We are working in Gilroy to establish resilience hubs and cooling centers to provide heat refuge and community services.

Greenbelt Outings

A dedicated group of volunteers and staff lead free, guided hikes and walks throughout the region nearly every weekend of the year!

Urban Growth Boundaries

Throughout the region, we are advocating for Urban Growth Boundaries—an effective policy to protect open spaces and direct growth in the right places.

Stopping Sprawl

We are committed to driving local advocacy efforts across the region to stop sprawling developments that threaten critical natural landscapes.


SB423: Critical Legislation to Address Our Housing and Climate Crises

Updated in October 2023. Originally published on June 20, 2023. In a significant win to unlock more housing in California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the landmark housing legislation Senate Bill 423 (SB423) into law. Greenbelt Alliance celebrates the extension of this pivotal affordable housing law, for which we advocated for alongside many other housing and

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For New Development, Let’s Look Toward the Future, Not the Past

Before the hype about “California Forever,” Southeastern Solano County may not have been top of mind for many Californians. But recent headlines are drawing more attention to this remote and agrarian region. Initial information about this billionaire funded “city of the future” touts appealing phrases like walkable neighborhoods and environment stewardship in their vague plans,

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Stop Sprawl Development on Jersey Island

Jersey Island, is a small largely undeveloped island in the Delta in Contra Costa County outside of the urban limit line. In 2021, the Ironhouse Sanitary District Board of Directors passed a resolution approving a development including 450 new single-family shoreline homes along with a hotel, a sports and rec center, and a wild animal

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A History of Environmental Stewardship in Sonoma County

My name is Dee Swanhuyser and I serve on the Board of Directors for Greenbelt Alliance. I have since 1978. I was born in Glendale, California. There were lots of freeways and the place just grew, grew, grew. But my family always had picnics in big parks and vacationed in the Sierra every summer for

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Sonoma Leadership Council Gathers for a Great Cause

On June 24, 2023, Greenbelt Alliance supporters gathered at Tom and Rebecca Birdsall’s beautiful home for our annual Sonoma Luncheon. Our guests mingled over drinks and a gorgeous view of the Sonoma Hills before our delicious, sustainable farm-to-table lunch. Our hosts, Tom and Rebecca, graciously offered to supply our event with their family-owned Black Kite

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