Staying Grounded While Embracing Uncertainty: Finding Lessons From COVID-19 for Our Work Building Climate Resilience

COVID-19 Climate Resilience

News alerts flood our digital and social channels these days. The topical and networking webinars to attend are multiple. My own perspectives (and emotions) about the future—of our global society, the goals we all were working toward just a month ago, what a “new normal” for the Bay Area will look like—shift on an hourly basis. One way I stay grounded right now is to reflect on the bigger picture as the… Read More

A Hidden Gem: The Dow Wetlands Preserve

dow wetlands preserve

The Dow Wetlands Preserve in Antioch is tucked away from most of the city, abutting the waters of the delta. It is a hidden gem, especially when compared with Antioch’s much more popular Black Diamond Mines. The wetlands are a 470+ acre preserve that features hours worth of trails, observation decks for birding and wildlife viewing, and great views of both the Delta and the hill scape that surrounds the city of… Read More

Bringing the Outdoors In

I have been feeling so thankful for my house plants during shelter in place. Not only do they make my apartment look infinitely more Instagram-worthy, but they also provide myriad health benefits like air purification, mood improvement, and better sleep quality. Not to mention, caring for something (especially if you live alone) can give a sense of purpose and motivation, something we all need in this time of isolation. Since our house… Read More

A Couple of Neighborhood Flowers

neighborhood flowers

As we stroll our neighborhoods and greenways, practicing social distancing as we go, there are a couple of spring wildflowers in gardens and lawns that we can appreciate during these difficult times. The golden poppy is hard to miss. It has been California’s official state flower since 1903, but it was first collected and described scientifically long before that. In 1816 the Rurik, a Russian ship of exploration, sailed into the Bay… Read More

Buy Local: Shop at Your Neighborhood Farmers Market

local farmers market

Growing up, every Saturday morning my mom would take my sister and me to the farmers market. While she shopped, we would run around with sticky hands, covered in samples of honey and strawberries. These are some of my fondest memories, and probably the reason why food is such a huge part of my life. I have carried this tradition into adulthood — you will very rarely see me miss my Saturday-morning… Read More